Satoshi Ohno and Tatsuya Fujiwara: Do they bear a slight resemblance?



Haha i mentioned this in last night’s post, and since somebody thought there was some slight resemblance too i thought i’d spam photos of these 2. I don’t think they look cOmpletely alike tho.. just that i thought of Ohno when watching Death Note so…. ^_^





Personally I think Ono is cuter!! ^_^ Ohmiya! *pom poms*


38 Responses to “Satoshi Ohno and Tatsuya Fujiwara: Do they bear a slight resemblance?”

  1. 1 Yuu

    lol.. I agree that they look quite the same.
    actually I kinda have the same ‘hobby’ as you on this one – matching/finding similarities on celebrity faces.

    one example is, Changmin-Jerry Yan-Junno (KAT-TUN)
    ^^ Korean-Chinese-Japanese ^^

    oh btw, I just found your blog yesterday. me likey….
    *need to scroll and read more…*

  2. 2 banzai

    yeah, your blog’s really good, I like the gossip 😀

    They really do look alike, I’m still surprised! Though I think Fujiwara looks better cause he is amazing~

  3. haha thanks alot! life’s so sian but i feel like i have another ‘virtual life’ thru this blog! HAHA sounds damn sad tho… but wtv! ^_^

  4. 4 Lisa

    haha 6000 already! :> and im no longer the only commenter. i root tatsu all the way because of death note and battle royale. all the way. ftw. ANYWAY WHAT HAPPENED TO OUR MOVIE DATO?????? and mish wouldnt be interested 😛 she’ll think its trash.

    i will need an ic though!! (ho ho ho ho)

  5. i root Ohno because of Ohmiya!!! hahaha and omg i watched battle royale such a long time ago I don’t even rmb he was in it! and crows zero ain’t even in sg yet man!! and ic don’t worry ill think of smth… May will be a GOOD TIME *emphasizes* ^_^ *beams* becuase it’ll be after my exams. you still don’t have midterms right? and my sister also spends alot on fangirl-stuff. check out her blog–> haha i hope she doens’t kill me for putting the add out here

  6. 6 Lisa

    yes darling its in singapore, ALREADYYYYYY SO WE MUST WATCH IT NAO NAO NAO 😀 hahhahaaaa lol and i saw your sisters blog, i think she really does get alot of merchadise where does she get all her cash from!!!!?!?!??!?!!??!

    oh ya and now rgs is going nuts,we have mid terms now as well. i have math test on wednesday and i havent listened in class since the 3rd week in school diediediediedie. Like im really going out of my mind!!!!!! T_T

  7. next friday you free? ^_^ 28th march fridayyy ^_^

  8. 8 Lisa

    thats a good time :> i’ll only be free like after 8? i have training till 7 i think

  9. haha no problem! ill go buy tickets first and everything.. SET MAN. will sms you more details(time+venue) (im asking my sister if she wants to watch, but she has fun o rama at acjc the next day to deal with, so will confirm later. i can foresee you two having lots to talk about man. HAHA)

  10. 10 Lisa

    lol yay ok i just realised that i prolly can go after 6 cos i have general meeting that day meaning that i wont be going for training. lol i’m going for fun o rama too hehehehehe are you? lol you have any ideas on how im going to get in?!?!?!!?!

  11. ok i checked the movie times and GUESS WHAT its NOT OUT!!! but there’s most prob going to be a 9.35pm show, is that too late for you?!?! and im going for fun-o-rama too! can meet! and also, im suppd to have some dinner thing with some of my german classmates but before i knew you could make it from 6 onwards, i thought id hang around with them from 6-8pm then meet you and bum around till the movie starts. SO. but the thing is i meet them every monday anyway so it’s no biggie if i don’t meet them, OR if you’re very sociable you can just hang around with them. they’re all workign adults and being a kid it’s easy to get away with things. haha! up to thee! on a totally tangential point, i just realised thta i may have two essays due on the 7th-11th April that week! that’s two weeks away but oh why oh why *sobs* HAHA

  12. 12 Lisa

    nope it is out already!!!! but only in three cinemas, its been out since like last friday? mmmm heh hehhhhh lol are your german classmates german? if they are ill DEFINITELY go hahahahahaha its ok if you can only meet me late, i dont have a curfew so its ok ^^ (my parents are in new zealand hahaaaa!!!) well in any case its ok you can meet them first, if they are german i will definitely come, if they arent….. maybe i will ho ho ho :> SO YOURE TAKING GERMAN NOW AS WELL!!!?!?!?! oh my…..
    haha are you going for fun o rama with anyone?! my friends dont wanna go/going with more unpleasant people so i have no set plans yet 😀


    and i feel happy for you you have like 10000 hits wooooo!!!!!!

  13. I know it’s out I called up to ask their times, the times will be out tomorrow after 5pm (omg it’s so late now!) and my german classmates are NOT GERMAN HAHAHAHA why would GERMANS need to learn GERMAN?!!?!?!??!

    and come with me for fun o rama we can hang together!!!!! ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ and and jsut come and hang around with german classmates lah ill treat you dinner or smth… but if the place they go is UBER ex ill give you a DISCOUNT only ah HAHAHA

    what’s RS?! is it GRS + IRS?! and MAY TAN! I miss her!!!! TEll her I say HI!!!!!! ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^

    and thanks!!! yes it was thanks to somebody who linked me and i had like 1880 hits yday!! feels so exciting to be read by so many people ^_^ *pompoms*

  14. so it’ll be out in all cinemas starting tmr???? if it is, yay 😀 HAHAHHH ok the german classmates being german thing did not occur to me lol my train of thought is really bad. lol where are they planning to go? maybe la see how 😀 BUT I DONT MIND A FREE MEAL :D:D:D::D:DD and i think awkwad dinner situations dont really affect me much any more since once i went for dinner with my sis and her bf and her friend and her bf and i was sitting at the head of the table….

    haha ok fun o rama together!!!^_^ ^_^ ^_^ the last time i went for fun o rama was in rachel’s year….. so this would be my second time? ah well RS as in research studies!!!!! lol i like may tan too but like you know how anal she is and she can be FREAKING SCARY so i’m still scared out of my wits cos i dont know how she will respond.

    yeah and today is 11000 hits!!!!! ^^^^^^^^ happy happy!!!!! haha yeah i’ll link you too 😀 but people should like commment more but you are getting more comments from people so its wunderful!!!!!!

  15. HAHA MICHELLE HAS A BF?!?!?!!?!?!?!? OMG OMG OMG OMG OMGOMG and yes kids get away with EVERYTHING!!! ITS UNFAIR!!! BUT YAH LAH COME COME btw there’s a japanese woman in my german class@!! you can practise your jap (or what’s left of it… I tell you you must continue!!!!) btw i end lessons at 6pm at tiong bahru, then ill RUSH to PS to get us GOOD TICKETs/SEATS for the 9.20pm show –> check out the website here — then we can meet somewher there and bum around then go for dinner then go for movie kkkkkkkk!?!?!?!?!

    and link me!! what’s your blog addy?! hahaha and fun o rama SET!!!! another friends suppd to come along but you two will get along JUST FINE! and we can visit my sister’s stall, and her friend’s stall — who i happened to know about 6 years ago at some camp! the world is round!

  16. hahahaha well that was last time not anymore… :>!>! or smthng. haha yayyyyy ok something like that ! 😀 haha mmm what time do you plan to go for funorama? i will be in school till 12…..i have quite alot of friends in acjc so we can bum around and visit all their stalls!!! woohoo!!!!

    do you have a blog!!! my url is linked to my header name :> but you have to have an account yaaarrrr and i received your fb message!!!! can i reply to that account its kinda weird ho ho ho

  17. yay!! then u can intro me to your friends and ill intro you to my sister! how come u have so many friends in acjc? i won’t be surprised if my sister ends up knowing SOME of your friends in ac… SMALL WORLD.

    yes you CAN reply to that fb account i told you im the yeerk HAHA i control the andalite… ^_^


  18. 18 fatfish

    goodness, animorphs. tobias was always the coolest!
    and marco’s mum, of course

  19. i don’t remember marco’s mum?! WHAT did she do?!?!?!
    fatfish you always reminded me a bit of elfangor the andalite HAHA

  20. 20 fatfish

    marco’s mum was Visser One!! super zai hot momma
    thanks, elfangor was a nice guy. toobad he dieded

  21. O_O hahaha totally forgot.. but i sorta had a feeling she was a host. tmr again. SIANDED

  22. 22 foru

    Ohno is definitely way way way cuter. And i’m being biased 😛 Honestly i don’t like Fujiwara Tatsuya >___>

  23. am lisa: WHYYYYY?!??!?! why dont you like tatsu?!?!?! alot of my friends dont like him either T_T i think he wasnt that cool in deathnote (as compared with the manga dude, but i think he did a pretty good job) but i luved him from battle royale

  24. 24 Tricia

    Ohno is cuter… (whistles)

  25. 25 sainaa_1988

    hi hajimemashite

  26. they sure do look a little alike..
    now that ohchan’s doing Maou, its like Light as well.. the character, Dark~ n wanting to do justice..

  27. 27 ohchansuki

    Finally! Someone notices 8D
    I thought I was the only one who took notice of their resemblance.
    But Ohno is more good looking. hehe (biased)

  28. 28 ranie kirei


    I LOVE YOU FULL………………………………………..



  29. I heard somewhere it was Stashi Ohno’s birthday some days ago and I searched for his name on Google Images because I hadn’t heard of him before and when I saw him I kept thinking “I know this guy!” Then the Death Note liveation came to my mind and I went “whoah, so he is the one who played Light Yagami?” But nooo! I was so wrong xDD I totally thought it was him.

    Thanks for clarifying ;P

  30. 30 bloo

    just the nose

  31. 31 Otani.

    actually, i think it’s because both tend to play eerie characters, and have the same expression on their face and personality in many films, that they tend to be confused or compared to each other.

    even my friends in school say there is a similarity despite the fact that they look nothing alike.

    if you put both in one movie though, i predict evil epikness.

  32. 32 May Satsuki

    Tatsuya is much hotter than that other guy:o manuela ceva?HY COAE CF?

  33. 33 May Satsuki

    bah coae

  34. 34 H3llgirl

    i love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu……………………………………………tatsuya………………….i love yyyyyyyyyooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  35. 35 Rein Okada

    Before, when i wasnt still Arashi’s fan, I was in Tatsuya Fujiwara’s fan club because i really loved him !!! But when i started liking Satoshi Ohno, i was like WOW THEY SOMETIMES LOOK THE SAME !!! EVEN THEIR VOICE IS SOMETIMES THE SAME !!!!!

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