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hide died on May 2 1998; the summit this coming may will feature acts by other bands including Luna Sea + Dir en Grey. (more news: here) I only got into X Japan like, 2 years ago and was re-watching all the funeral clips + live concert clips during christmas 06 (yes, damn sad. my sisters were […]

I was reading this and this but apparently nothing’s been confirmed! Rumour has it that 1) Eightpeaks is involved (the one responsible for Goong S I think) 2) F4 will guest-star in it o_O… HAHA. Out of point, but, I want Hero as Korea’s Hanazawa Rui!!

Haha i mentioned this in last night’s post, and since somebody thought there was some slight resemblance too i thought i’d spam photos of these 2. I don’t think they look cOmpletely alike tho.. just that i thought of Ohno when watching Death Note so…. ^_^