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Lisa, you know who is this not?

Okay while doing that post on Edison Chen, I stumbled upon a VERY INTERESTING blogpost about Hidetoshi Nakata. As mentioned, very disappointed that Maggie Q was with Edison Chen (ya maybe I’m sloww to find out bleah) but her rumoured ex Nakata, seems like the same type of playeur. Same difference. (maybe Maggie Q likes these kinda guys)    […]

   Actually out of all the girls involved, I’m mostsupershocked about Maggie Q. She seems to me to be so much more eligible/elegant than edison chen, who’s like a spoilt (but q cute) boy. And wasn’t she with Hidetoshi Nakata?? But granted, Nakata’s not THAT great a catch (playboy, nyeh nyeh) 

  Okay im in a bad mood now =(. Anyway the news has been out for more than two weeks, about how Seung Ri supposedly attended a trans-gender strip show at a bar owned by GD’s (Ex?)girlfriend.

Okay this is an older picture because Nino’s hair is now long-ish but he looks better with short hair! Anyway read an interesting blogpost about Arashi’s new Single – Step and Go! – and its amazing first week sales. (Read the post i’m talking about here, and watch the MV for this single here) I […]