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OH MY GOD. I was totally IGNORANT of their scandals. (WHY!?!? You ask. Well, cos all I ever did was watch youtube videos of them and never really bothered to read fan-blogs) Anyway my english sources: here and here. It amazes me that it appeared on english-fan-blogs first and NOT on all the japanese entame-blogs […]

  (Chinese source: here) This is belated! Her birthday was March 19th, but the newspaper article dates 26th March 2008. So I luckily I’m not THAT late. Not a particularly BIG Vivian Hsu fan, just thought of baidu-ing her because of her Sugizo-connection, and cos Sugizo is playing hide’s guitar part at the memorial concert. That’s the […]

(Japanese source: here/ English source: here or here) First read about Sawajiri Erika’s return at but it didn’t have much, then stumbled upon some juice!! (Click on the english source for the whole real deal!!) Anyway, she is back after a three month hiatus, following the public backlash to her “betsu-ni” incident. She will start work on a […]