The ubiquitous red-black-striped-long-sleeved-top


Chanced upon this in a random surf. The title only makes sense if you’ve read the two posts below (click on the screen captures to navigate your way back to the relevant MFGB posts)

3 Responses to “The ubiquitous red-black-striped-long-sleeved-top”

  1. 1 hi-ho

    Yeah, I’ve seen that sweater many times…but you know what, I just love that sweater. I’d wear it too..actually I have one that is stipes, but is dark blue and green. I know stripes are very in, but I’m so curious as to why this particular sweater gets the attentin of many Asian stylists. Maybe it’s the color pairing that makes it very masculine and looks good on Asian skin color….but doesn’t Freddy Krueger(?) wear the same sweater…hahahahaha.

  2. 2 fatfish

    HAHA freddy!!! he does???
    that is freaky

  3. 3 shelby

    oh wow….

    that’s….. woah…

    i gotta get me one….

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