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(Source: Mainichi) Last Friends has the Thursday night slot, and yesterday’s episode scored a viewer’s rating of 20.7%, and is the first time the series has crossed the 20% mark since its start in April. In comparison, KimuTaku’s CHANGE scored a 19.7% on Monday, 9th June 2008. I haven’t watched Last Friends yet (but Lisa […]

(Picture: NTV website / Article- Japanese online gossip source: Entame and news source: Mainichi) As of 21042008! The power of fan-girls and cute young Johnny boys reveals itself in the 26.4% ratings of Gokusen 3’s first episode (19th April 2008)! (But let’s not forget that Gokusen 3 has the SATURDAY NIGHT time slot, so maybe in addition […]

(Japanese online gossip source: Entame) I want to watch the drama! Love Ueno Juri’s hair by the way, spunky, and since I’m newly into my Kimura Kaela-phase I read some of Kaela in that spunkiness. Haha. In any case, Entame reports that the Mokuyou(Thursday) 10pm slot drama that preceded Last Friends was Tamaki Hiroshi’s Shika Otoko Awo […]

Surfed around and the gossip/news for today didn’t interest me much. (Except the Popseoul entry about Se7en, very intriguing.) But I don’t really care about se7en anyway (haha) It’s like a brief lull after a whirlwind start to 2008 (Lydia Sum’s death, Edison Chen sex scandal, at least in the Chinese geinou world haha) so I thought I’d just […]