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(english online source: Tokyograph) In the latest issue of Friday, (wonder if its still the latest issue) the mag reported that Kuroki Meisa is dating a Japanese musician based in New York called “KEN”. He is said to be in his mid 20s while she is only 19. Wow. I didn’t know that. It goes […]

(Japanese online news source: Mainichi) After playing a nun alongside Kamenashi Kazuya in One Pound Gospel, Kuroki Meisa now takes up the challenge of playing prominent cross-dressing war figure (the word heroine may be a bit politically testy) Kawashima Yoshiko in Asahi TV’s new dorama, to be aired later in the year, [男装の麗人(仮)~川島芳子の生涯~]. (Dansou no Reijin […]

On Crows Zero


I watched it with Lisa yesterday night and it was FABULOUS! However I have two points to make. 1) WHY oh WHY did Straits Times Life! give it TWO and a HALF stars (out of five)??? Actually I’ve always mistrusted such ranking /grading schemes but I must just rant about it again, because I had […]

 (I will not be listing EVERY DORAMA in the list – only those that interest me HAHA. for the full list please see here.) In 1st place, Katori Shingo and Takeuchi Yuko’s Bara No Nai Hanaya (The flower shop with no roses, what a sweet title!), with 18.58%! (FujiTV) In 4th place, Oguri Shun’s Binbo […]

  Who is Kame talking to? (okay very stupid question considering the title of this entry) It’s….. Kuroki Meisa! (wOw!) half-South American, half-Japanese, born in Okinawa. These are screen captures from the jdorama One Pound Gospel (aka 1ポンドの福音 or 1 pound no Fukuin), which has just finished its run on NTV in Japan. It is a dorama about […]