Doppelganger: The many faces of Miura Haruma


Guess who’s back!! Watched Koizora (all the rage in Japan now) on the plane back to sg last night, and it was ooookay lah. However, Miura Haruma in action really reminded me of Singapore-based China-born actor, Qi Yu Wu!! (above right). BUT THEN, Miura Haruma i realised, has many faces. He looks quite different picture to picture, and I remember watching Gokusen 3 on TV last week, and I thought there was a guy who resembled Akanishi Jin a bit. It was only later I connected the Kanji names together and realised it was the same person!

But then he looks a bit different in action. In Gokusen 3 I seriously thought this guy looks more like Jin’s brother than Akanishi Reiho (or Fuuta) does. haha

Miura looks seriously different here. A bit more W-inds Keita-ish.

These two photos give me a Matsuyama Kenichi feel. DUNCHA THINK SO?!

Love him best with white hair, like Tidus from FFX!!!! HAHA.

Anyway ill update more later, tonight. Stay tuuuned.^_^

43 Responses to “Doppelganger: The many faces of Miura Haruma”

  1. 1 cliodhna

    yeah i agree.. Miura sure looks different at some pics.. and when i watched Koizora, i thought he looked like kenichi too!! haha ^^

  2. 2 anna

    Love Miura heaps! He’s only 18 too!

  3. 3 tsktsk

    He may look like Kim HeeChul (super junior) at times too.

  4. 4 upper east sider

    omg i just watched koizora too! twas okay butnot too crazy about it though. made a review! icecapades@lj. but i have to agree, miura looks cool with silvery white hair! but looking like a lot of people can be a good and a bad thing for his career. well, let’s wait til he gets older!

  5. to ues: haha will check it out! agree with you was sorta okay, not fantasticcccckkk .. yah maybe he’s still pubertizing hence the shapeshifting face! ^_^

  6. I think takaki yuya looks like AKANISHI + KAMENASHI … But I gotta say , he does look like jin more than fuuta…

    He look really hot… I watched koizora 2nd time and I still cried , I think it’s not bad…

  7. I don’t think he looks like Jin *jin is old! lol* just kidding, I like his face cause he is more manly, jin’s sexiness is sometimes annoying cause he looks like a girl~but mura can just rock it like a man! hehe Koizora was okay i thought not really striking like many ppl said but i thought it was good for a web phone story! really.

  8. 8 whoever

    His lips and chin kinda resemble those of Jin’s… but his eyes are more naive compared to Jin ~~ Jin’s got the sexier look XDDDD

  9. I know his girlfriend!!! She’s really cool and never gushes about him. Sounds like a lot of girls like him 🙂

  10. 10 Yurarin

    ehh? Miura Haruma already have a girlfriend? who is she??

  11. 11 fathskie

    Excuse me, I believe he’s not the one in Koizora… why did you ppl said he was..? It was Seto Koji played in Koizora, right?? This had bugging me for weeks… are there TWO Koizoras???

    • 12 Pat

      yep. koji did the series and haruma did the movie.:D btw, does he have a girlfriend?:D




  13. 14 toroz

    haruma acted in the movie version of koizora. durhurr.

  14. 15 tokyolovee

    llolll i agree with some others.

    Miura’s hotter than everyone esleee ^^

  15. 16 audio

    there’s one word to describe Jin, he is simply beautiful!!!
    There is a girly side of his face but heck, he is handsome!!!
    I thought for awhile that he is a half-bred because of his looks
    only to realize that he is pure japanese. As for Muira, he looks

  16. 17 lalalala 425

    He’s beautiful :O

  17. 18 Riya

    Miura Haruma has a girlfriend? Who? o__O

  18. 19 marissa

    he’s so hawt with blonde hair!!! >_<
    he looks more mature or shy with black hair. i’m not quite used to his gokusen hair but it’s really cool on him as well x3 miura haruma has the cutest smile. its like so innocent and brightens up the whole room~~ *faints*

  19. who is his girlfriend???if you don’t mind..just want to ask.hope that he dont have a girlfriend..he’s myFIRST LOVE>>>.

  20. please response…my curiosity is beggining now…

  21. 22 hf


  22. i xUPah LOVe mIURa hARumA!
    I loVe ol HIS mOViEs!!
    kOIZorA,Bloody MONdAY en NOw gOKusen 3!
    I loVe yOu so SO mucH!
    MOre poWER!

  23. 24 Asami

    What… Miura has got a girlfriend???!!!
    No no no no no!!! That isn’t real, right??
    I love him so much and i don’t want this….

  24. 25 kim

    i saw the ending of gokusen 3 .,.,miura in the ending series miura will go to hospital.,cauz of an revenge and he cauz an accident”.,,.hhohhohoho sad but he is always alive.,.,,hahaah I WANT TO ASK DID miura haruma HAS A GF?.,,,(NO/yes)

    just answer me heheeh pls…,.!!!!!!:D

  25. 26 lolipop

    i think haruma of couse have a girlfren. n he’s really resemble ‘L’ in death note. why note u guys checked Naoko movie with Ueno Juri. Haruma is an athlete and very cool!!!.
    i like him because he has a very pleasant smile. that’s it.

  26. 27 eloisa

    yes, he has a gf and it’s ai takahashi

  27. 28 Lisa

    Do you really think so? I don’t know, because she is in Morning Musume and don’t they get kicked out if they have a boyfriend? It happened before with Oguri Shun and some girl… Can’t remember her name, sorry!

  28. 29 nenita jamero

    ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,hi i am Maria nenita P.Jamero 14 yrs.old from philppines
    you know I LOVE YOU

    i really love you!!!!!!!!!!!11

    i wish you went to philippines………….thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  29. 30 jiyuu

    you kidding? ai takahashi? she’s four years older! dang..i was weeping on the fact that miura’s 3 years younger than me..and takahashi..4 years older. hahahaa. ironic.

  30. 31 nitalevmiuraharuma

    he is so kakkoiii………….
    his eyes, nose, and lips are very sekushi…
    lev haru-haru..

  31. 32 Uchiha ienda

    uwa…!!! miura-chan cute abizzzz!!! (>o<)
    atashi wa miura-chan ga suki!!!

  32. anasayo ,.. mushi-mushi ..

  33. 34 Ciel


  34. 35 sandybeaple

    i love how his face changes all the time!
    it’s great, ’cause he can take on many roles.
    not like, say, matsujun, who’s forever limited to the “pretty boy” stereotype.
    harumacchi’s different [beautiful] angles are an asset.
    but i still think his greatest asset is his smile. ::)

  35. 36 Lena

    Haha, I always tought he looked like L from Death Note, but it was Kenichi Matsuyama who played L’s role. Then I found this site, and you wrote he looks some alike Kenichi x3 Haha, I just thought it was funny xD

    • 37 HM_Wahida

      I agree! hahahaha and I really2x love the two japanese actors

  36. 38 JI

    Where does he starr, with white hair? Movie, drama, something? @_@

  37. 39 My love

    Hello.i’m myr3. Miura has a girlfriend?:( oh no. .i know all his films…are very beauty.i love to miura.:*. He lives in japonia? I live in romania..who is hes girlfriend??!??

  38. 40 bilQis

    He has another fate with me. Bitou Tatsuya, i got a crush on u, cold face, cold heart.. See u soon..

  39. 41 dianaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    isn’t ai takahashi the one who played the role of Saki ( Hiro’s ex girl friend ) in koizora ?? I can’t believe she is his girlfriend O_o

  40. 42 HM_Wahida

    Daisuke suke desu!

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