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1. Cecilia Cheung carries baby to visit Nic Tse in Thailand – Chinese news source, here. (pic left) Nicholas Tse is in Thailand to shoot “Feng Yun 2” (Wind Cloud 2, not sure what the English title is haha) and had not been expecting this surprise visit. One wonders if Nic Tse himself hadn’t been […]

(Chinese source: here) Despite giving Hong Kong a miss, Maggie Q still had to face reporters in Seoul regarding the *ahem* Edison Chen sex scandal. She replied coolly that she had “nothing to do with it.” She continued saying that, “I know about the ‘Edison Chen sex scandal’, but I don’t understand why I would […]

Don’t you think Tokiwa Takako and Cecilia Cheung look a bit alike? Haha, the thought just suddenly struck me. Anyway, was surfing around and found out Tokiwa Takako’s new SHOW (i’m very confused as to whether it is a dorama or not, but supposedly it airs today on FujiTV) is sort of like Patch Adams! “You who make me […]

Hong Kong paparazzi are so…… okay I shan’t try to moralize a situation in which I myself am complicit. (oops) But anyway, this photo is from Apple Daily (go here), apparently stalking outside her house, and they describe Cecilia Cheung as being in a foul mood, scolding her maids, and looking tired and her face […]