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Hello everyone!!! I’m REALLY sorry I havent been updating for so long, I got hooked on Nana for two days and cleaned off the whole series, then i ran around doing lots of random things… so please excuse my absence, lol. I promise to update a lot lot more!!! (o^_^o) I saw this on bigbangkorean, […]

(Source: YG_BigBangLJ) Was surfing LJ communities, instead of studying (damn) and here they are! The Dongs. YB will be attending Daejin University this year. Dong Young Bae ( School of Theater Academic Year 08) Dong Hyun Bae (School of Theater Academic Year 03)  

After watching Shinee’s nyeh-nyeh average poppy MV, and before that Fahrenheit’s boring PV with bad Japanese pronunciation, and yday’s KAT-TUN’s new MV with the JaeJoong Doppelganger in it– and actually even Tae Yang’s other MV (Prayer Ft Teddy) was quite standard fare also– Look Only At Me was wonderful! It was humourous for one, when […]

I can’t decide if I’m being a pedantic and nitpicky fan, but there was a sHORT girl-stalking sequence in Shinee’s Replay MV that TOTALLY reminded me of Lies. First saw their MV at POPSEOUL! but I must disagree with the POPSEOUL! sisters in that, how can Shinee uhm, cause Big Bang, or even DBSK, to MOVE […]

(Japanese online gossip source: Widegeinou) In the middle of April, NTV’s Wideshow(ワイドショー) featured a CM-ranking segment in which they claimed that It-boy Oguri Shun was number 1 in terms of number of CM appearances. However, everybody’s favourite talent-company Johnny’s Jimusho got really miffed + ticked off, lodging a complaint against NTV and demanding an apology from them. […]

Just a VERY VERY slight resemblance, and ONLY when they’re smiling. (Boy am I on a Doppelganger fever) I didn’t even know who Yoshihiko Inohara was until I saw the site that punkey left in the comments.

Just thought this was very interesting (haha and cos I’m a Big Bang fan!) Click here! Source: forum@soompi Credit For ShenYuePop: ShenYue! Also, as you’ve already seen, I’m creating another new series called Titbit Referral for news already posted elsewhere! And I’ll feel bad/lazy just re-copying BUT I really want to “bookmark” this so treating […]

Firstly, the Yamapi and Shirota XXX holiday entry has been updated. I put XXX because it is now confirmed that it is Jun and not Yuu! (My source, Entame was erroneous, but lots of fans were already saying that it was Jun anyway. Thanks to Marga who actually bothered to show me the links to […]

No! He did not! *sigh of relief* (But actually I found out that he did NOT ask her out beFORE i read about the misinterpretation of Son Ga-In’s answer on the golden bell variety show.) I was very flustered because I could not understand the korean newsen website , other than for G-Dragon’s name!! =(

Doesn’t TOP look so FUNNY HERE HAHAHA (but don’t know why this was NOT in the CF — which seemed a bit short, and GD and TOP were NOWHerE to be seen!) here’s the Making Of/ Behind the scenes of the CF… sigh. I wish I were 1) a Korean 2) a male 3) a […]