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1. TBS searches for the next Gakki for the dorama version of Koizora (Sanspo and Tokyograph) TBS has announced that it is producing a television drama based on “Koizora,” the mobile phone novel that became a hit movie last year. The film starred Yui Aragaki and Haruma Miura, and both saw their popularity rise after the movie […]

(Picture: NTV website / Article- Japanese online gossip source: Entame and news source: Mainichi) As of 21042008! The power of fan-girls and cute young Johnny boys reveals itself in the 26.4% ratings of Gokusen 3’s first episode (19th April 2008)! (But let’s not forget that Gokusen 3 has the SATURDAY NIGHT time slot, so maybe in addition […]

(Japanese online gossip source: Agazou) Ueto Aya has been appearing on many variety shows for the sake of promoting her new dorama, Hokaben. Recently, on Arashi’s Shukudai-kun, Ueto Aya was noted to be wearing a ring on her ring-finger. Hence, Japanese gossip bloggers are speculating if it means that she is still going out with […]