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Rough translation: Interviewer: … It was reported that he perspired 3 litres of sweat! Ohno: Because it’s a 2 and a half hour play, it was like perpetually being in a sauna. *laughter all around* I don’t know what this costume is made of but it’s really freaking hot. Interviewer: It is hot, desunee?? Ohno: […]

HAHAHA! Tamaki Hiroshi held a meet-the-fans-and-shake-their-hands session at Kawasaki City earlier today (as well as on the 19th March 2008) and the event venue was apparently swamped with people, around the stage, at the upper floors etc etc. Estimated turn-out was about 6000, for both sessions.

His concert dates were released last Wednesday (19th March 2008) but not being a Miyavi fan I didn’t realise it until today. I had heard of him before, heard one or two of his songs before but was rather indifferent to them. …. then while watching some X Japan fan-vid I realised the nice song that was […]

A picture of Lee Dong Gun with his mother and brother (so young!) The news has been out for some time already; I first read it at popseoul. 2 South Korean students were attacked in Sydney, one died on the spot (Lee Dong Gun’s brother) and the other one is currently in critical condition. It doesn’t seem to […]

According to this website, today’s Daily Sports newspaper featured Takeda Tetsuya’s account of the Kame-Koizumi affair! Apparently Kame and Takeda-san had a heart-to-heart talk during which Kame said he 1) wanted to get married, 2) he wasn’t suited for an acting career 3) he wants to retire by the time he’s 29 4) he wants to open a […]