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(Japanese online gossip source: Widegeinou) The name’s Tanaka Juri(田中樹), and he joined Johnny’s in April 2008. Before joining Johnny’s, Juri has acted in TBS’ 特急田中3号 (Tokkyuu Tanaka 3 Gou) as Tanaka Koki’s younger brother. In an interview, Koki said that “my brother sweats more than I do (meaning, possibly, that he works harder than Koki). […]

Can you imagine him fat? Well according to this article, KimuTaku may just have to put on weight for his new role as the President in the much hyped-about FujiTV dorama!!  (kimutaku reminds me a bit of Jang Dong Gun in this photo. haha) Anyway, apparently Tanaka Koki has 4 silver front teeth now.  (English source : x / […]

Haha this is a few days old – read it in the sg newspapers and thought it was funny. but then i read uwasako’s entry on it and maybe it’s late + im tired (and omg i have school tmr morn) but i thought it was LOL-funny. esp the little bird wants to fly part. […]