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Just lots of random bits and Juicy News. copying wholesale!! 1. Oguri Shun rumoured to be seeing someone else (online gossip source: idolgravure/picture source: mainichi) It appears that although Shun and Yamada Yu publicly announced their relationship, he has been spotted introducing another girl to his friend’s family. taken from Uwasako:It seems despite all the […]

(Japanese online news source: Mainichi/ Photo from Yamada Yu’s blog) Yamada Yu got besieged by reporters yesterday (12th May 2008 ) when she turned up for a radio program on NACK 5. “What kind of ‘being’ is Oguri Shun?” A reporter asked. “Sugoi Suteki kind of person desu.” was the reply. (those two words are […]

(Japanese online gossip source: Entame) Actually this was reported in Mainichi also but the Japanese used at Entame is way easier to comprehend for a noob like me. Late into the night last night, Shun-kun appeared on his regular radio program and unapologetically admitted that “[She is] a very important girlfriend.” とても大切なガールフレンドです!(sounds a bit weird […]

(Japanese online gossip source: Widegeinou/ Japanese online news source: Mainichi) First read it at Widegeinou, and then later at Mainichi so that should lend more credibility to the news. I already foresee millions of hearts breaking as I type. *flower beside laptop wilts* Anyway the news was revealed by SpoNichi (NichiSports) yesterday, 6th May 2008. […]