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(Japanese online news source: Sanspo)         Leah Dizon attended the launch of Softbank’s JAPAN TEXTURE’s new limited edition range today. What distinguishes the phone from others is the distinctive Japanese designs which are categorized under two headings, “Yuzen” or “Paint”. Yuzen is some form of fabric-dyeing method. If you’re more interested in the phone […]

(Japanese sources: here and here) Leah Dizon launched “jeweLeah” yesterday, on 1st April 2008. The japanese articles wrote that Miss Dizon “produced” these wedding dresses, but I’m not entirely sure if she really got down to drawing, designing and hemming them together. She did however say that the concept for the line of dresses was […]

  Leah Dizon’s new photobook, “Pure Leah” will be released on the 26th March 2008 (on the same day as her newest single, Love Paradox, if I’m not mistaken.) In it there’ll be lotsa sexy photos exploring the limits of ‘decent exposure’ ( i am curious to find out, indeed), plus comments + interview with […]

1. Didn’t the dance sequence with the cane remind you a bit of Namie Amuro’s Play album? (especially Hide&Seek) 2. Can Leah please open her mouth bigger when she’s mouthing the words? HAHA 3. I think she looks weird in the box, but anyway the video was released a few days ago, the single will […]

  okay, i don’t think they look that much alike (in these two photos they DO look a bit alike though) but they remind me of each other! Leah Dizon (left photo) is Chinese-Filippino-French (and don’t know what else) , was born in Las Vegas and is now big in Japan. Jamilya is an Uzbek […]