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(Korean source: here) Han Ji Hye visited the mortuary (near Ilwon district) where Lee Dong Gun’s brother lay on the night of 28th March 2008, 11.30pm. After exchanging words of comfort with Lee Dong Gun and his family, Han Ji Hye reportedly broke down in tears. According to a source close to the star, Han Ji Hye treated his […]

  Do you think they resemble each other??

On Crows Zero


I watched it with Lisa yesterday night and it was FABULOUS! However I have two points to make. 1) WHY oh WHY did Straits Times Life! give it TWO and a HALF stars (out of five)??? Actually I’ve always mistrusted such ranking /grading schemes but I must just rant about it again, because I had […]

(Japanese source: here) I should’ve known! Takeda Tetsuya has admitted that Kame did not say anything about marriage by 30, about the fashion boutique business and all that jazz (which you can read about here). He praises Kame for being a very diligent young man, and apologises for having seemingly misplaced the trust Kame had in […]

(English source: here) Lee Dong Gun held a photograph of his brother as he led a procession of more than 100 mourners in the University of Sydney, where his brother had studied. Read more via the link above.