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Doesn’t TOP look so FUNNY HERE HAHAHA (but don’t know why this was NOT in the CF — which seemed a bit short, and GD and TOP were NOWHerE to be seen!) here’s the Making Of/ Behind the scenes of the CF… sigh. I wish I were 1) a Korean 2) a male 3) a […]

Well we all know why. (sex scandal) But anyway,  it is official! The Pepsi Team will make an official appearance on the 1st of April, 2008 – this includes Lee Junki, Leo Ku and Jolin Tsai (who congratulated her buddy of course). Leo Ku called Little Piggy (Xiao Zhu, his nickname) an obvious choice.

The chinese newspapers online made a big deal of the white-black contrast thing. Haha. Anyway the LV opening took place last night in Hong Kong and stars galore! Zhang Zi Yi was there as usual to steal the show (but I don’t really like her, so I won’t put her photo HAHA. Gong Li all the way!) to announce her marriage […]

DBSK named Asian envoys for Universal Studios Japan! (USJ) apparently after their appointment on 28th March 2008 they will tour Asia for one year to promote USJ. Will they come to Singapore? HMMMM doubt it. Maybe they’ll go KL again and my sister will fly up to meet them. hur hur  (English source: here) Also, Yoo […]

Boy am I late on this one (and it’s actually because I didn’t recognise her Kanji name while at for the past few days, HAHA oops) and in any case she’s been under the radar recently anyway. And the ONLY dorama I saw her in was in Long Vacation, where she was KimuTaku’s student.