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 (random photo of my luggage and bag at Okadaura station in Osaka)

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I’ll be keeping this here for your reading pleasure, please continue to comment and support at the new blog (actually I think wordpress layouts totally PWN other blog-providers’ layouts and have yet to really work at the new blog’s layout =(  but ohwell. as a struggling student’s who spends an inordinate amount of time on frivolous japanese entame news, i thought i might as well treat it as my aru-bai-to –arbeit, meaning part-time job in japanese — and serve some ads, which wordpress disallows. Yes, people, I have gone over to the dark ads-side. but it’s not like ill flood it with pop-ups and pop-unders and gawdy shits, and you don’t have to click on them if you don’t wanna. \(^_^)/ Cheers and see you a click later!

(Source: Mainichi)

Last Friends has the Thursday night slot, and yesterday’s episode scored a viewer’s rating of 20.7%, and is the first time the series has crossed the 20% mark since its start in April. In comparison, KimuTaku’s CHANGE scored a 19.7% on Monday, 9th June 2008.

I haven’t watched Last Friends yet (but Lisa has, and raves about Ryo + Ueno Juri) but CHANGE was quite boring, script-wise. You can’t really blame the actors!!

Also has anybody heard about Nagasawa Masami’s night-out-and-cuddle with Eita? I read it in the Chinese papers O_O but they’re more or less full of crap, because they carried on to report that after Eita left the club Nagasawa Masami continued partying with unknown guys at the club and they painted the portrait of a very loose girl. Well I’m quite HAPPY that she’s portrayed as such (don’t like her!) but even then, it’s strange that I saw them in Chinese papers and so far not in the Japanese ones. HAHA ^_^

(Source: Mainichi) *a little aside* Looking at Oguri Shun’s photos nowadays, I get the feeling that he’s deliberately uglifying himself so as to discourage the fangirl-craziness that is positively raging in Japan now… how else to explain his recent predilection for appearing like an Ojisan??? Well but he still has character, imho. 🙂 . More Ojisan pictures:


Quite embarrassing when you’re a star displaced from your kingdom, and having to pose for the photographer whilst other people are giving you sideglances etc?? But not for professionals! Shun looks like he doesn’t give a damn, and he probably really doesn’t. Okay now back to the point.

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HAHAHA don’t you think? In this particular photo of Ayase Haruka at least! ^_^ But even in her other photos there is SOME resemblance you think you think?

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(Source: Keywordjiten) Well, according to recent leaks at least, Ayase Haruka is the REAL number 1 Baka (stupid person) in the entertainment world.

Comparisons were made to other celebrities like Kinoshita Yukina and halfie-looking model Suzanne, whose claim to fame are their air-headed and baka-antics,  but who are, when the cameras are not around, steady characters with self-awareness and not that stupid after all.

In contrast, Ayase Haruka reportedly can’t even read secondary school-level Kanji characters and “doesn’t think of consequences”. There are times when some fellow talents ask her for her number with secret intentions that are plain for all to see. At least, everybody else present at the set knows it, EXCEPT Ayase-san herself — that is , he wants to have sex with her but for some reason she is too dense to realise that. (either that, or she is a willing party, no idea!)

In a bid to prevent Ayase from getting pregnant, her company apparently issued an order to her to “preserve her chastity!”  

(Source: Entame) According to Entame according to Shuukan Josei, Koizumi Kyoko attended some launch and by the end of it became dead drunk, and who came to pick her up but Arashi’s Ninomiya Kazunari. I thought he was with Nagasawa Masami? But anyway I think I’d much prefer him dating Kyon-Kyon, just because.

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Chanced upon this in a random surf. The title only makes sense if you’ve read the two posts below (click on the screen captures to navigate your way back to the relevant MFGB posts)

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Guess who’s back!! Watched Koizora (all the rage in Japan now) on the plane back to sg last night, and it was ooookay lah. However, Miura Haruma in action really reminded me of Singapore-based China-born actor, Qi Yu Wu!! (above right). BUT THEN, Miura Haruma i realised, has many faces. He looks quite different picture to picture, and I remember watching Gokusen 3 on TV last week, and I thought there was a guy who resembled Akanishi Jin a bit. It was only later I connected the Kanji names together and realised it was the same person!

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OK i guess this can be considered old news but i was pretty shocked when i saw it!! For one, I didn’t know that she even had a boyfriend (didn’t strike me as the kind) and yada yada and I’m a big fan of her music (i cant believe i can still say that *slaps self*)

(source: Tokyograph)

Singer Mika Nakashima, 25, and actor Masatoshi Nagase, 41, have broken off their relationship, despite rumors last year that they were soon headed for marriage. Like many other celebrity couples, it seems that their busy careers have caused them to drift apart.

The two met when they played siblings in the drama series “Shiritsu Tantei Hama Mike” in 2002. At the time, Nagase was married to actress Kyoko Koizumi, but he divorced in 2004. Shortly after that, he and Nakashima started dating.

Rumors surfaced in early 2007 that marriage was near, fueled by speculation from members of Nakashima’s family. However, it appears that they gradually began seeing each other less frequently, and they finally broke up earlier this spring.

This piece of news was published on May 10th 2008, so I guess its like one month old. I went to dig deeper after that and found more info. After the cut! Continue reading ‘Mika Nakashima and Masatoshi Nagase split’

the recently released PV for kuu and fergie’s collab! The song is called That ain’t cool and will be released on June 11th 2008.

I think its pretty good, although it is rather strange how Fergie sings more although it features her. But i think its a really cool collab :> Am lovin Kuu’s look as well.  I have a few gripes on how Kuu hardly sings though, and she spoke english instead of japanese. I think if she sang/rapped in proper Japanese it would have been better and more impressive. The Jap sounded really awkward.

Any thoughts?

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