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(Source: Oricon) Well well, DBSK stayed for 2 days on top and has claimed the throne for Oricon’s WEEKLy Ratings! “Oppa, hwaiting!” cry the millions of Cassiopeias. However, it is nowhere to be seen in today’s ranking, not even in the Top 10 (picture below. click here, to go to Oricon, only valid if you’re seeing this today, […]

(Source: Oricon) Just to clarify, I’m not a big DBSK fan… more of an SM watcher (am fascinated with Lee Soo Man) Anyway after 2 days of being at the top, DBSK’s Beautiful You slips 2 spaces to number 3. Shuuchishin regains it’s Wondergirl-Tell-Me-like viral hit character and hurls itself to the top space. Now […]

(Japanese online news source: Mainichi) It’s about time I posted an entry on the increasingly omnipresent Shuuchishin! A while back there were reports that Ayumi Hamasaki resorted to uhm “underhand” means to keep “Mirrorcle World” at the top of Oricon charts, pushing down Shuuchishin to number 2. Well it don’t matter no more, because CD […]