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Can you imagine him fat? Well according to this article, KimuTaku may just have to put on weight for his new role as the President in the much hyped-about FujiTV dorama!!  (kimutaku reminds me a bit of Jang Dong Gun in this photo. haha) Anyway, apparently Tanaka Koki has 4 silver front teeth now.  (English source : x / […]

  Actually today was a pretty bad day. But I didn’t know that when I was going to school in the morning, listening to japanese radio on FM96.3. DJ Megumi-San (if i rmb correctly)  played a song by Matsu Takako, (Mizutamari no Mukou, listen to it here – it’s not on youtube =(  )one of my […]

  Josei 7 ‘s (女性セブン –> Women 7) 13th March 2008 issue cover: Koizumi Kyoko and Kame break up!