Koizumi Kyoko strikes again


(Source: Entame) According to Entame according to Shuukan Josei, Koizumi Kyoko attended some launch and by the end of it became dead drunk, and who came to pick her up but Arashi’s Ninomiya Kazunari. I thought he was with Nagasawa Masami? But anyway I think I’d much prefer him dating Kyon-Kyon, just because.

The two reportedly had good relations ever since their days working on butais together, and Koizumi Kyoko has also mentioned openly on her online site that she had asked Nino to go drinking with her on several occasions. Just friends or another noona-dong-saeng relationship in the works? Pardon my korean, maybe somebody can enlighten me on the japanese equivalent. The article used 年の差カップル (Nen no Sa couple) but Noona-DS sounds nicer imho ^_^ So Kame+Kyoko or Nino+Kyoko? Can anybody imagine Johnny Kitagawa’s reaction if it were true? HAHA

Noona-DS relationships seem to be all the rage now, and what with Shinee’s debut single being about Noonas, such rships are being legitimized, sort of. Have yet to update on my Osaka trip. No, I’m not going to like, give you pages and pages of JOURNAL entries on my trip. I just took many photos of CMs featuring the idols we all know, that I’d never seen before. Oh well, tomorrow.

18 Responses to “Koizumi Kyoko strikes again”

  1. 1 A Nino Fan

    Well, it would be kind of awkward if she called Kame or her ex-husband instead. Doesn’t she have any gal pals?
    Call me weird, but if these two are in a romantic relationship, I don’t mind.
    She seems like an ok person, if basing on the news that she thought she’s getting in the way of Kame’s career.
    Because frankly, the girls being linked to Nino have questionable motives. Geez, how does purikura reach tabloids if the direct party involved didn’t send them? And the other one? Isn’t it funny that news of their relationship came out when HER career was just jump starting? Now that she’s famous and marketable, uh, the rumors died? I doubt JE would waste that much money to pay every tabloid to shut up. And imho, she needed the ballyhoo more than Nino because her acting skills simply comprise of acting cute, eye widening, crying, screaming, and glaring.

  2. 2 The Name

    Nino seems like a very mature guy…he seems to get along very well with older adults, and it seems that he’s not interested in the very bubbly, over-demanding, selfish, sueprficial and immature younger girls. I can see him with someone older or just old for their age. I’ve only seen Koizumi Kyoko in two roles (one being a movie where she co-starred with her ex husband)…she wasn’t acting too cutesy. Though I’ve never seen her in interviews so I don’t know her off-camera personality. Thanks.

  3. 3 adelaeda

    The relation ship between her and kame was just gross. she was exactly twice his age! disgusting. He can do better

  4. 4 kv


    “Isn’t it funny that news of their relationship came out when HER career was just jump starting? Now that she’s famous and marketable, uh, the rumors died?”

    I hope your not implifying that she needed a boost for her image or whatnot. Shes a huge name in Japan, and has been so for almost 20 years, maybe even more so than Kamenashi.

  5. 5 ANF

    kv: Not Koizumi, but Nagasawa Masami.

  6. 6 kv

    ah 🙂 I stand corrected. Nvm then

  7. wad’s up granny!
    i’m done with my exams!

  8. mak: so come and help me out with my blog!! Hong Kong newsdesk HAHA

    to all: yes i just read in the chinese newspapers that nagasawa MAsami was caught sorta MAKING OUT with EITA!!! that pretentious biatch! hAhaha and yah i wouldn’t mind if Nino were dating Koizumi Kyoko~ ^_^

  9. 9 audrey

    sorry who’s EITA?
    sigh nino and koizumi? I just hope she doesnt break him like what she did to kame..
    kame was drowning his sorrows with alcohol from what i read from numeral 2channel reports.

  10. 10 machi

    wooooow. maybe thats how kame met kyonkyon… thru nino. :O

    and btw, noona+ds = sempai-kouhai relationships…? or oneesan-kouhai..?

  11. 11 shelby

    haha kazu..



    aren’t they spelled the same?


    that’s… um… odd…

  12. haha kanji characters can have different pronunciations

  13. 13 Linda

    Err… Nino looks so young though. It would look like she’s dating her grandson. ^^;

    But I do know that Nino has a lot of mature friends… maybe they are just friends, and Nino just helped out or something, hopefully. (Not in denial) Lols!

  14. 14 gyelle

    totally random and baseless… kame and nino are friends. maybe nino was doing kame a favor. 🙂

  15. 15 example

    I don’t like her. She’s 43….too old. So GROSS.
    An old lady going out with young people….SO GROSS
    I really don’t care who Nino would go out with, but her? No way!
    She could just DIE!!!

    Please Nino, I prefer you with Nagasawa Masmi, or other young beautiful girls.

  16. 16 chajun

    ehhh?..she’s been w/ kame??…ehh…ontouni??

  17. 17 Nina

    Gosh! She only likes young lads or what?

    But like you said with the Kame-Kyôko relationship, that’s has something “fascinating” (even if I wouldn’t go this far)
    “Better than the cookie-cutter relations one normally observes in the entertainment world, this was something abnormal, “Forbidden Love” (ha ha ha)” In brief, you sum up my thought.

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