Spats in Hong Kong : (1) Edison Chen vs Juno Mak (2) Isabella Leong vs EEG


*this entry is specially dedicated to drmak or makthemutant as she sometimes calls herself, because she knows nothing about the korean or japanese entertainment circles but everything about the hongkong + taiwanese one. HAHA. * (PS. you don’t happen to be related to Juno Mak do you?? HAHA thought you mentioned some hongkong relatives some time ago)

(1) Edison Chen vs Juno Mak

(Chinese online news source: MusicTOM and Singapore’s mypaper – dated 21st April 2008 ) Okay I know Juno Mak’s hair isn’t like that now but I just thought the photo MusicTOM had of him didn’t look very nice so…

Anyway! Edison Chen is back, expletives and all! He accepted his first interview since quitting the HK entertainment industry and responded with all of the same arrogance and provocative style we all knew him to have had. It is “Business as Usual” — some news sites remarked about how he was acting very mysteriously in this recent photoshoot for his label, CLOT — for Mr.Chen.

Ok cut the crap to the ugly spat. It is said that Edison Chen was really pissed off that Juno Mak snapped up the property spaces where CLOT used to be located. When asked for his reaction to Juno Mak’s derisive jab at him for selling “street wares” (like, low quality stuff, not street as in hip-hop street street), Mr. Chen said, “I feel sad for those people who attack me. We CLOT people will never say who is worse or better, we’re not tyrants(?). If somebody attacks me Edison Chen or CLOT, I will tell him, (and this is in english) PLEASE TALK SHIT TO MY FACE!”

He also added that “‘somebody’ has to do his part, take care of his business, because Edison chen is going to make a come back, and he will be more formidable than before. Wait and and see! I can see you, but you can’t see me! Actually I don’t want it to be like that, but I cannot keep my silence forever.” 

Juno Mak was filming the MV for the Olympic song yesterday, 21st April 2008, and had this to say: “If you have the balls come say it to my face.” O_O

He also said that he didn’t pay attention to the news, but that ever since the sex scandal, Edison Chen has had alot of grievances towards the whole of Hong Kong society. He gave a cold smile and said, “We don’t have to argue in this manner (you one word I one word — Chinese engrish bear with me) , like a crazy woman screaming in the street, everybody’s personality is different, I don’t understand what he’s saying.”

Reporters asked if he would be more careful in what he says in future. “If the media asks me, I will give my opinion, but my intention is not to attack anybody.”

Reporters asked if he thought Edison Chen’s EQ was very low. “I don’t know him very well, and I don’t think my EQ is particularly high either.”


(2) Isabella Leong vs EEG

For background information: here and here.

short one, before I zip off to my essay which is due TODAY OMGOMGOMGOMG

Things about EEG that Isabella Leong is unhappy with

  1. Having to report her movements to EEG all the time
  2. Having to get permission from EEG before leaving Hong Kong
  3. Having to pay for make-up, transport, housing and training by herself
  4. After her recording contract has expired, needs to get EEG’s approval before accepting any kind of music-related job
  5. If she falls sick or meets in an accident and is unable to fulfill her job requirements, EEG has the power to break the contract.
  6. If she does anything unethical or commits a crime, EEG can break the contract.
  7. If she is unable to work because of health reasons, EEG can extend the contract.
  8. EEG can send her to another company to work at any time.
  9. If, in fulfilling her job scope she somehow causes EEG to lose money, she has to compensate EEG for it.
  10. If EEG does not release any music CDs for her, she cannot earn money from anywhere else.
  11. She can only get 4.5% of the selling price of her CDs, 2.7% of photo-product spin-offs, 20% of photo-copyrights, and no copyright commission at all for her songs.

However, other managers are saying the same things like,

1. When a contract is signed, it means that both parties are willing.

2. The most important thing is communication between both parties

and other boring things.

That’s all for Tuesday!!!^_^

3 Responses to “Spats in Hong Kong : (1) Edison Chen vs Juno Mak (2) Isabella Leong vs EEG”

  1. ok. the obligatory reply.

    first, i’m not related to juno mak, and i don’t care about him because he’s ugly and looks like a rat (so sue me) and he was involved in a corruption scandal and had to go drink tea at icac a while back, so it’s not like hes a clean-cut role model anyway.

    secondly, i’ll be closely monitoring the eeg thing. mainly because it’s to do with contract law. personally from my pov i believe in a general requirement of good faith a la civil law, but since hongkong is a common law system there’s nothing much ms leong can do apart from argue that her consent should be vitiated. i always like a good david v goliath story, although the david here is really not that weak, what with richard li and michelle yeoh’s backing. anyway, i just DON’T LIKE EEG!

  2. 2 lisa

    hahahahhaha EDISON ALL THE WAY, I EVEN LIKE HIS SHIRT <333 i think their exchange was so funny lol

  1. 1 Corkscrews

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