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  (you can hardly see the faces but I think it’s matsujun below and Sho at the top – no girls though! Or are they at the blurred out parts?) (Japanese online gossip source: Entame) Another Arashi scandal? It’s almost one per week man (read the previous one here) Okay or maybe this is not […]

(English source: here – thanks to buttrflikisser@LJ! and here – thanks Ichigo Ichie! ^_^) OMG the photo on the left  page is probably as scandalous as it gets -_-.  Okay I’m very sorry but I’m just going to copy and paste from their blogs, since I can’t really make out the jap words. HAHA! but Bubka magazine is […]

OH MY GOD. I was totally IGNORANT of their scandals. (WHY!?!? You ask. Well, cos all I ever did was watch youtube videos of them and never really bothered to read fan-blogs) Anyway my english sources: here and here. It amazes me that it appeared on english-fan-blogs first and NOT on all the japanese entame-blogs […]

(Japanese source: here) This is Kyoko Fukada’s new look for her new movie, Yatta Man, whose main star is Arashi’s Sakurai Sho! The press conference for the movie was held yesterday, and the movie, which will be released in Spring 2009, is based on an anime. When asked about her extreme-cos-play-esque outfit/image, Fukada replied that even […]