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(Source: Entame) According to Entame according to Shuukan Josei, Koizumi Kyoko attended some launch and by the end of it became dead drunk, and who came to pick her up but Arashi’s Ninomiya Kazunari. I thought he was with Nagasawa Masami? But anyway I think I’d much prefer him dating Kyon-Kyon, just because.

Thanks very much to punkey who left a comment at my old post about Arashi + scandals. These are not photos I want to wake up to! OH NO! Anyway there are more photos at the link which punkey left, the others of which did not REALLY interest me. Nino and GoMaki totally don’t go […]

1. Cecilia Cheung carries baby to visit Nic Tse in Thailand – Chinese news source, here. (pic left) Nicholas Tse is in Thailand to shoot “Feng Yun 2” (Wind Cloud 2, not sure what the English title is haha) and had not been expecting this surprise visit. One wonders if Nic Tse himself hadn’t been […]

OH MY GOD. I was totally IGNORANT of their scandals. (WHY!?!? You ask. Well, cos all I ever did was watch youtube videos of them and never really bothered to read fan-blogs) Anyway my english sources: here and here. It amazes me that it appeared on english-fan-blogs first and NOT on all the japanese entame-blogs […]

I think Kame is prettier. My Kame obsession + fangirlism, which never really went away, is now surging back in full force. *sighs* I think it has got to do with the renewed focus on his rumoured relationship with Koizumi Kyoko. I am actually supportive of that relationship by the way, strange as it may […]

Surfed around and the gossip/news for today didn’t interest me much. (Except the Popseoul entry about Se7en, very intriguing.) But I don’t really care about se7en anyway (haha) It’s like a brief lull after a whirlwind start to 2008 (Lydia Sum’s death, Edison Chen sex scandal, at least in the Chinese geinou world haha) so I thought I’d just […]

  Who is Kame talking to? (okay very stupid question considering the title of this entry) It’s….. Kuroki Meisa! (wOw!) half-South American, half-Japanese, born in Okinawa. These are screen captures from the jdorama One Pound Gospel (aka 1ポンドの福音 or 1 pound no Fukuin), which has just finished its run on NTV in Japan. It is a dorama about […]

Oguri Shun won the Broadcast Award (Drama/Movie) for Crows Zero! Sigh, overachiever. Click here or here , which were my sources, for more news (in japanese though). I remember being very surprised when I found out that he does stage-acting, Shakespeare in Japanese. His recent play was Caligula (in which he strides around half naked, […]

Okay this is an older picture because Nino’s hair is now long-ish but he looks better with short hair! Anyway read an interesting blogpost about Arashi’s new Single – Step and Go! – and its amazing first week sales. (Read the post i’m talking about here, and watch the MV for this single here) I […]