Last Friends’ Ratings beats CHANGE


(Source: Mainichi)

Last Friends has the Thursday night slot, and yesterday’s episode scored a viewer’s rating of 20.7%, and is the first time the series has crossed the 20% mark since its start in April. In comparison, KimuTaku’s CHANGE scored a 19.7% on Monday, 9th June 2008.

I haven’t watched Last Friends yet (but Lisa has, and raves about Ryo + Ueno Juri) but CHANGE was quite boring, script-wise. You can’t really blame the actors!!

Also has anybody heard about Nagasawa Masami’s night-out-and-cuddle with Eita? I read it in the Chinese papers O_O but they’re more or less full of crap, because they carried on to report that after Eita left the club Nagasawa Masami continued partying with unknown guys at the club and they painted the portrait of a very loose girl. Well I’m quite HAPPY that she’s portrayed as such (don’t like her!) but even then, it’s strange that I saw them in Chinese papers and so far not in the Japanese ones. HAHA ^_^

17 Responses to “Last Friends’ Ratings beats CHANGE”

  1. 1 applecheeks

    I don’t like her either but I do like Eita; he’s the only reason I started watching that drama. So I hope it’s not true.

  2. 2 H no Granny

    Yes, I agree with you. With the “shocker” script that is LF and the t-n-t formula that is Gokusen 3, CHANGE’s story seems boring. Oh well, flashy works with Japan’s majority.

    I never liked Nagasawa Masami too. Call me assumptive, but there’s something fake about her. Idk, I never got that impression with Suzuki Anne or Ueto Aya (lately)… I like Eita and Ueno Juri, though.

  3. 3 coffeeholic

    hi.. i found your site a couple of months ago. though i’ve been reading your posts ever since, i’ve never commented on any of them until now. i also do not like nagasawa masami. she seems very fake and tries way too hard to be all cutesy and whatnot. and i strongly feel that her acting is horrible!! it really makes me wonder why she’s so freakin popular.

    sorry for ranting on your site, but i thought i was the only one who disliked nagasawa masami because i keep reading all these things about her being voted number one for some poll or survey.. but when i read your comment i kinda felt like commenting too, just to add my in two cents. anywho, thanks for sharing all the gossip and news!! i’ll continue to read them and i promise i won’t do anymore rantings. =)

  4. I dun like her too… somehow , I just dun like her …

  5. 5 Linda

    She’s not really a outstandingly pretty girl and her acting is so-so sometimes, especially when she plays the damsel in distress role… ^^; That’s why I have no idea why she is so popular in Japan??

  6. 6 malexi

    I have wachted every chapter till 9 and is an excellent drama it really is is not the typical but the story line is great and yes I dont like nagasawa I found her very boring in the acting,ueno juri rocks

  7. 7 Hannah

    Well, good job for them!!! You haven’t watched it yet? You MUST! It’s not the typical love story with curves here and there that we are used to, but it tackles a lot of issues that are going on in the world every single day.

    The show itself is so symbolic, even the opening, which I have to admit has to be the greatest opening of any drama that I’ve seen so far. It’s a very deep and emotional show and that’s what makes it so great. I mean, it’s a simple story once you get the grasp of it, but it will give you that vulnerable feeling of knowing that the situation portrayed in the show is or may actually be happening to someone you know.

    It’s very believable, although I have to admit and agree with you on Nagasawa Masami, she’s the kind of actress that portrays her true self too much in her acting which comes off as fake sometimes, whilst the brilliance of Ueno Juri and Eita is truly astounding.

    Ueno Juri has got to be my favorite Japanese actress as of now; she showed her versatility through the difference of characters in Nodame Cantabile and Last Friends. She’s truly remarkable, alongside with Eita. She brings her character to life and her and Eita puts so much dedication to their roles that it becomes truly impressive and very convincing.

    Last Friends is the best show I’ve ever seen so far, probably because of the issues that are being tested and the believability of the characters being represented by Eita and Ueno Juri. Their characters have become my favorite! While the story of Last Friends may not be your forte or your cup of tea, give it a chance, just the first episode alone will shock you, because the matters are not what you’d likely see in most Japanese dramas.

    Geez, sorry for the extensive essay! Anyways, it’s an EXCELLENT drama and it will show you what happiness, love, and friendship truly is, because those are what I’ve learned from this drama. Happiness comes in different forms, love equals sacrifice and making your partner genuinely happy, and friendship can sincerely be remarkable with the right people. There are many more, but you’ll just have to watch it to learn… Also, please keep an open mind, thanks! Sorry again for the rant.

  8. 8 duchess

    Ueno Juri: i really love her acting in this drama… Ruka rocks!

  9. 9 GJ

    Don’t i love LOVE love this drama or what! Ueno Juri pulled off the big ole’ lesbo part almost perfectly. gotta love her! i didn’t see any Nodame in her when she was all about Ruka. that is what we call acting. OMG the whole cast was just perfect fitting for their won parts. Gosh, Eita for once.. very persuasive. i mean that is GAY. i saw him many times in different movies and dramas… nice! really!

    but. oddly. the character i loved the most was Eri.
    Ruka/ holing on to Michiru too much
    Michiru/ stupid girl. i just hate that kind.
    Takeru/ Oh well… denial. BIG denial. please don’t fall in love with butch lesbo especially when you are a homo!

    Eri/ quick with all system, easy-going, sassy, and loving that gorgeous curly hair. oh my!

  10. 10 brazodemercedes

    When my friend recommended this drama, I fell inlove with the opening credit. ITS THE BEST that ive seen ever.

    Then I find the acting of Euno Juri and Eita great. Started to like them and now I have been watching all the dramas and movies they’ve starred in.

    I wish they’d do a movie together aside from Summer Time Machine Blues. They are just good actors.

  11. 11 miko

    i love ueno juri XD

  12. 12 reviewdramajepang

    Ah~ LAst Friends is one of the best jdrama ever! XD
    I love this drama very much. Just like CHANGE! But I’m not satisfied with the ending. That long preaches made me boring. They should make it more attractive. LOL.. XD

  13. 13 garcon

    ive become an instant ueno juri fan after watching Last Friends..GyabO!

  14. Jyuri Ueno has a longing by a very great woman.

  15. Two persons’ friendship was a very good talk!

  16. Very nice Jyuri!

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