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Just lots of random bits and Juicy News. copying wholesale!! 1. Oguri Shun rumoured to be seeing someone else (online gossip source: idolgravure/picture source: mainichi) It appears that although Shun and Yamada Yu publicly announced their relationship, he has been spotted introducing another girl to his friend’s family. taken from Uwasako:It seems despite all the […]

1. TBS searches for the next Gakki for the dorama version of Koizora (Sanspo and Tokyograph) TBS has announced that it is producing a television drama based on “Koizora,” the mobile phone novel that became a hit movie last year. The film starred Yui Aragaki and Haruma Miura, and both saw their popularity rise after the movie […]

Aragaki Yui in Specs! (looks a bit like Hebe already right!) This was unfortunately the only pic of Hebe in specs I could find.. .HMMMM. Hahaha but I admit they don’t REALLy look alike in those full-frontal shots, hence my cunning selection of photos. But just slight resemblance in some ^_^ More photos!   Both […]

(Japanese source: here) Aragaki Yui! Did you know she was from Okinawa? Like Namie Amuro, and tonnes of other idols. (Orange Range.. and who else ah? *racks brains* ) ANYWAY the above photos were taken off the old CM I think, but I’m a bit confused, I don’t think it can be the new one […]