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(Picture: NTV website / Article- Japanese online gossip source: Entame and news source: Mainichi) As of 21042008! The power of fan-girls and cute young Johnny boys reveals itself in the 26.4% ratings of Gokusen 3’s first episode (19th April 2008)! (But let’s not forget that Gokusen 3 has the SATURDAY NIGHT time slot, so maybe in addition […]

(Japanese online gossip source: Entamegeinou) I think the source alleges that Shirota Yuu “stole” Kitagawa Keiko from Akanishi Jin, but I’m not too sure cos 1) no time to verify with online dictionary 2) don’t really follow news about Jin + whowho girls 3) didn’t want to sensationalise this too much. Kitagawa Keiko looks more […]

(Look at the top right hand corner: 赤西仁 and 城田優 – Akanishi Jin’s and Shirota Yuu’s names are there! Well apparently this is not the MAIN story of the latest Josei7 hahaha relegated to a small corner)                  Spanish-Japanese Shirota Yuu, whom I only ever saw in Hana Kimi! Jin […]