Oguri Shun and Yamada Yu are dating!!


(Japanese online gossip source: Widegeinou/ Japanese online news source: Mainichi) First read it at Widegeinou, and then later at Mainichi so that should lend more credibility to the news. I already foresee millions of hearts breaking as I type. *flower beside laptop wilts*

Anyway the news was revealed by SpoNichi (NichiSports) yesterday, 6th May 2008. Both of them met on the set of Binbou Danshi in January this year, and after allegedly breaking up with their respective partners ( Yamada Yu broke up with Ito Hideaki, Shun with model Tanaka Miho) they started their new relationship around March, when Binbou Danshi’s broadcast ended.

Their mutual feelings started on the set of that dorama, Binbou Danshi. (Before that, the pair had collaborated as voice actors for the movie, Surf’s Up.) Actor Yahima Norito (37 years old) noted that the two actors started getting closer and closer as time went by. Around March, Oguri Shun was also said to have been shopping at Shinjuku and meeting a ‘friend’ for a date at some restaurant. An insider calls their relationship an earnest/sincere one. They are also what one calls a “Binan Bijou couple” (good-looking guy + good-looking girl).

Yamada Yuu had also watched Shun’s butai, Caligula, and the two had also spent Christmas together while filming for Binbou Danshi. (and promoting Surf’s Up, I presume!) Another insider says they had the chance to talk together on lots of personal and work issues. (rather an inane comment, but it’s there)

Anyway Yamada Yuu will also pick up surfing, Shun’s obsession, this summer. Summer lovin’~

32 Responses to “Oguri Shun and Yamada Yu are dating!!”

  1. 1 fatfish

    so they did the voices for these 2 penguins? XD

  2. yes they did! I forgot to add that into the post but have just edited it in. wah damn tired now going to nap then…….. STUDY!!!!!! =( =( =(

  3. 3 nightingale

    =(((( SADDD.

  4. okay…
    i have not expected to find this shocking news during blogging.
    this broke my heart..

  5. 5 niza

    haha! they look good together! and i like both of them!
    i was somehow secretly hoping they’d hook up. hyuk hyuk.
    yay for them both. :))))

  6. 6 lisa


    *wails and goes to die*

    i had enough bad stuff happen to me already. first top, THE STUPID UNCONFIRMED NEWS and now this.

    but some how i think ogu shun with a girl friend is fine.

    and…. this has been a really bad week :< :< :<

  7. 7 H no Granny

    Oh cool! Didn’t he say that having a girlfriend lessens stress from work? Because the man deserves every bit of happiness this world has to offer…
    They make a really TALL couple!!!

  8. 8 fatfish

    those penguins are cute

  9. 9 Lauren

    That’s good. Hideaki’s too hot for her anyway.

  10. 10 Julie

    oh what a sad news for me!!!
    I loved him so much, and now….
    well just wish him to love with that woman for a long time

  11. 11 Justine

    OMG! im so jealous of that girl. personally i think hes to hot for her hehe.

  12. 12 hana

    shun looks happy and comfortable with her in tht pic.
    an honest and easy smile sorta thing.
    i guess it’s cool as long as he’s happy..
    though she seems much less of a surfer chick type than his ex.

  13. so sad to see, say and feel.
    my oguri shun hope u will be happy!!!!!

  14. 14 visitor..

    really unexbected news..
    hurt but he look happy..
    so, ganbatte oguri san =) ..

  15. i think yamada yu doesnt really suit him… but not like i hate her nor think that she is ugly or what.. i just think that both of them dont match… but as long as their happy… ^^ thanks for the info anyway

  16. 16 Sasha

    She’s too UGLY for him, he deserves a better looking girl!

    yamada looks so old. Watching them together makes me think she’s his mother or something -.-“

    • 17 Elizabeth

      Uh, WHO is ugly? Yu’s all kinds of gorgeous, not to mention talented, and more than a match for Shun.

      • 18 TB

        i agreed, she’s not ugly, she’s hot. But I like Ito more 🙂

  17. whooaaa!?!? O.o
    goodness. i’m shocked! T.T
    *heart’s broken*
    this woman named Yamada Yu doesn’t fit. err..
    Oguri Shun’s too much for her..
    i DON’T like it.. eeeee.
    i really LOVE Oguri Shun..♥♥♥

  18. 21 loveOGR

    oh my god!!!! i don’t like that
    i love oguri Shun verry much but i don’t like her…….hix

  19. 22 ewicka

    hmm.. i wonder, are they still to together? :-O
    she looks a bit older, but still good and.. whatever makes him happy must be great!!
    ❤ ❤ ❤

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  21. 24 burnnnn.

    aaa,i dont think that yamada,suits him.seriously,it’s NOT OKAY!i have no idea why,1st impressions,it’s a NO NO~~~~but,if he’s happy,wht can we dooooooo~~btw,jodoh d tgn-NYA.

  22. bakpe ni sumer dengki..??
    biar ke dier rr>>

  23. 26 ndaroo



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  25. 28 mae angela

    no matter what, i still love oguri shun!
    hahahahaha glad that he cheated yamada.
    i heard that he was with a girl at a hotel while they’re officially together >:))

  26. So sad.

  27. so sweat…………………

  28. 31 Martina1994

    BECAUSE OF HAIR COLOR Or WHAT?DO YOU KNOW THEIR PERSONALITIES?NO!!SO PLEASE,SPARE ME…..ugh…they look cute together,2.these smiles should tell you everything,they looks so happy that it is wonderful….AND FOR THOSE WHO SAY:HE IS SO PRETTIER THAN HER…..FUCK YOU!YOU PPL ARE THE ONES WHO PUT LOOKS IN THE FIRST PLACE AND THEN OFC BLAME MEDIA AND EVERYTHING OTHER.(i am sorry my english is quite bad,but i was so pissed of reading some comments….):((((((

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