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Granny here has kindly acquiesced to my addition of gossip to her blog. I know her blog is focused on Japanese/Korean gossip; but as it is, I only know something about Hong Kong entertainment – and I apologise if it bores her loyal audience to tears – so I’m going to blog about the Hong […]

Okay this photo is totally not from the relevant press conference (just wanted a sad looking picture of her, haha) BUT Charlene Choi (AhSa) didst say that she, Gillian Chung and their company are currently looking at “comfortable ways” through which to progress, out of this all-consuming sex-scandal vortex (ditch) they’re currently in.

Work has been scarce for TWINS ever since the Edison-Chen-sex-scandal incident, so if a job comes along the two girls can’t complain. Recently (last friday I think) Twins attended this promotion event at Shenzhen and one of the high-ranking staff (AKA the CHEEKOPEK) rushes up the stage, drunk and –> zooms in on Ah-Gil (Gillian Chung), then –>