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(online English source: Mumbai news) Haha there are many news sources for this but I just thought Mumbai news offered a fresher (less Singapore-centric perspective)…. though it’s quite Singapore-positive! And I’m so obviously just using this space to conveniently plug +push the Singaporean arts scene! But yea man I’m looking forward to watching this movie… […]

I thought I’d pop on down to Cathay and snap some photos and do some of that “grassroots” reporting I always used to read about, and here are 4 unprofessional photos of the Dance of the Dragon premiere at Cathay!! HAHA. For those of you who don’t know yet, it stars Singapore’s Fann Wong, Korea’s […]

Don’t you think so?! Was watching KBS’ Mom’s Dead Upset when I saw Lee Yoo Ri’s character, Yeong Min come on screen. ^_^. For those who don’t know Fann Wong, she’s Jackie Chan’s sister in Shanghai Knights! Haha and also, she’s Jang Hyuk’s dance partner in Dance of the Dragon!!! (I’m actually quite excited about the […]

(Chinese online news source: here) And I was just rambling on yesterday that “nobody” ever comes to Singapore haha. Today’s Life! newspaper (from the Straits Times) reported that Edison Chen is in talks to star in a film alongside Shu Qi that will be shot in Singapore and Chicago. As I was unable to link to […]

 And of course Ekin Cheng, and Singaporean director Kelvin Tong. It will open in Singapore and Malaysia on 13th March 2008, this Thursday! Anyhow, for me, the whole event is eclipsed by the Fiona Xie and Shawn Yue coupling! HAHA. Not particularly a big fan of Fiona Xie, but still can’t help feeling ^_^ + nationalistic, […]

    I don’t know why, but he just does! (even if they don’t really resemble each other in the photos above.)