Koda Kumi feat. Fergie: New single That Ain’t Cool


the recently released PV for kuu and fergie’s collab! The song is called That ain’t cool and will be released on June 11th 2008.

I think its pretty good, although it is rather strange how Fergie sings more although it features her. But i think its a really cool collab :> Am lovin Kuu’s look as well.  I have a few gripes on how Kuu hardly sings though, and she spoke english instead of japanese. I think if she sang/rapped in proper Japanese it would have been better and more impressive. The Jap sounded really awkward.

Any thoughts?

below the cut is their interview

They seem like pretty good friends,which is really cute!!!  and fergie gave kuu SO MUCH STUFF 0_0 i want some too T_T

Overall, I like the song, pretty catchy!

16 Responses to “Koda Kumi feat. Fergie: New single That Ain’t Cool”

  1. 1 Vienna

    hmm.. i dont really like the song its kool though

  2. 2 lalalagirl

    weird song. lol

  3. 3 boamyjewel

    can you convert it to mp3 Xd crazy bout this song !! XD

  4. 4 Iyo

    Fergie looked like a corpse with tons of make up. Koda looked really pretty, it´s good to see her back in stage

  5. 5 upper east sider

    it was a forgettable song and all hype. amazing collaboration though, but instead it should be fergie feat. koda. i mean, geez the girl dominated the whole thing. she’s just stealing the limelight because of her part of the song. koda should’ve done her thing in japanese if that makes her be herself more. but then again, even if she did have a small part she still could’ve made it work, right? but sadly, this isn’t koda’s best. we’ve seen better. and frankly, fergie’s getting overrated. she’s everywhere. it’s annoying. would’ve been more interesting if koda teamed up with pharell or lil kim.

  6. 6 hi-ho

    I think it would have been a great contrast if Kumi kept her part in Japanese…but I get this feeling that many Asian artists aspire to learn English, tend to show it off and tend to imitate their English-speaking idols. That’s just sad for me…Kumi is the equivalant to Fergie (I assume), BUT she’s the Japanese equivalent so I think she should have maintained this individualistic identity by singing in Japanese. By singing poorly in English, she’s just Fergie’s sidekick…she had no great impact. The balance was off. I agree Fergie’s part was taking all the limelight. And I agree that Kumi should have collaborated with Pharell..it makes sense since he started this new wave of hip-hop in America that’s heavily influenced by Japanese pop-culture (and Parisian hip-hop too I think). I mean he freakin’ opened his first shop in Tokyo and has a Japanese designer. Whatever Fergie got where she is out of luck…you know who was originally asked to be in Black Eye Peas(?) ? It was that Nicole girl from Pussycat Dolls…it wasn’t as though Fergie was begged. Actually I would rather see Nicole team up with Kumi…much sexier and talented. Thanks.

  7. 7 Ami


    “THE JAP”?!

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  14. 14 Tasha

    It’s were cool !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ukraine helo!

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