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(Source: Mainichi) Last Friends has the Thursday night slot, and yesterday’s episode scored a viewer’s rating of 20.7%, and is the first time the series has crossed the 20% mark since its start in April. In comparison, KimuTaku’s CHANGE scored a 19.7% on Monday, 9th June 2008. I haven’t watched Last Friends yet (but Lisa […]

(Japanese online news source: Mainichi/English online news source: Tokyograph) My Korean teacher’s favourite Japanese actor is Tsumabuki Satoshi, and she was the one who recommended me to watch “Joze to tora to sakana tachi”, which iss one of those good, real films without the saccharine-sappy hollywoodish endings. (highly recommended by your lone reporter at MFGB!) It was […]

(Picture: NTV website / Article- Japanese online gossip source: Entame and news source: Mainichi) As of 21042008! The power of fan-girls and cute young Johnny boys reveals itself in the 26.4% ratings of Gokusen 3’s first episode (19th April 2008)! (But let’s not forget that Gokusen 3 has the SATURDAY NIGHT time slot, so maybe in addition […]

(Japanese online gossip source: Entame) I want to watch the drama! Love Ueno Juri’s hair by the way, spunky, and since I’m newly into my Kimura Kaela-phase I read some of Kaela in that spunkiness. Haha. In any case, Entame reports that the Mokuyou(Thursday) 10pm slot drama that preceded Last Friends was Tamaki Hiroshi’s Shika Otoko Awo […]

(Japanese online gossip source: here)  This gossip site cited Asahi’s daily morning show, Ohayoo-Asahi-desu, as having reported rumours of Ueno Juri dating a white-collar ikemen (japspeak for cute guy) from a major advertising company! She will be seen alongside co-stars Nagasawa Masami and Nishikido Ryo in FujiTV’s dorama — Last Friends — which starts airing this month. Previously, Ueno […]