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Okay my korean is even worse than my japanese so here goes, my translation of this webpage — I don’t normally translate korean stuffs (hence the inordinate amount of jap stuffs you have here hahaha, maybe one year later ill start translating korean) but since I’m a sucker for Coffee Prince this article caught my eye and […]

(Japanese source: here) Koyama Koiichiro, of NewS, plays the lead in a butai version of the FujiTV dorama, Lost (Loss?) Time Life. The plot synopsis can be found here, which I found quite interesting. Each episode features a different cast, but the lead character will be in a situation where he or she is about to […]

Found these via naver, on pandora tv: first one, second one. The second one is the same one as the link from the first post but it loads faster, on my computer at least. Felt sad again watching it, but then again, even if he wasn’t Lee Dong Gun’s brother, I guess we should still feel […]

While filming Yan Zheng Qing (颜真卿 –> he was a Tang Dynasty Caligrapher and court official) Tang Guo Qiang (唐国强), who is playing the title character, requested to re-shoot a certain scene because he felt that his posture on horse-back was not right. The horse was apparently vv tired however and threw a tantrum, flinging Tang Guo […]

Despite all that has happened, I still like Gillian Chung! If you think about it, High School Musical’s Vanessa Hudgens’ nude photo scandal is SORTA like what happened in Hong Kong (admittedly, it wasn’t THAT bad but you get my point) but I bet Hong Kongers (if they did before) continued to watch High School Musical!!! […]

Konishi Manami and Takeshi Kaneshiro at the premiere yesterday (22th March 2008/ there was an article in japanese about it but i was too tired to translate, so waited for the Chinese one today! haha) Anyway he just said that he hopes for a sequel (japanese source: here/ chinese source: here). Also, they reported that […]