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(Source: Mainichi) *a little aside* Looking at Oguri Shun’s photos nowadays, I get the feeling that he’s deliberately uglifying himself so as to discourage the fangirl-craziness that is positively raging in Japan now… how else to explain his recent predilection for appearing like an Ojisan??? Well but he still has character, imho. 🙂 . More Ojisan pictures:     Quite […]

Just lots of random bits and Juicy News. copying wholesale!! 1. Oguri Shun rumoured to be seeing someone else (online gossip source: idolgravure/picture source: mainichi) It appears that although Shun and Yamada Yu publicly announced their relationship, he has been spotted introducing another girl to his friend’s family. taken from Uwasako:It seems despite all the […]

(English online source: Tokyograph) My japanese websites didn’t offer anything interesting, so it’s time to go to Tokyograph! Did I tell you that I have a huge crush on Matsuyama? (together with a million other girls i know) Text in full from Tokygraph below: The 1st Eigakan Taisho (Movie Theater Award) was announced on Saturday. […]

(Japanese online news source: Mainichi) Did anybody watch the Crows ZERO? I’m still pissed off that the singaporean newspaper gave it 1 and a half stars… (or was it 2?) when they’ve rated much WORSE western films higher. totally, the pinkerton complex. So anyway everybody’s dream boyfriend-of-the-moment Oguri Shun is slated to appear in the […]

(Japanese online news source: Mainichi/ Photo from Yamada Yu’s blog) Yamada Yu got besieged by reporters yesterday (12th May 2008 ) when she turned up for a radio program on NACK 5. “What kind of ‘being’ is Oguri Shun?” A reporter asked. “Sugoi Suteki kind of person desu.” was the reply. (those two words are […]

(Japanese online news source: Sanspo) Haven’t been updating with the usual intensity, my bad. Despite exams being over, there’re still deadlines to meet. T_T. Anyway, was highly amused at the group photo taken on the right. Inoue Mao is to Oguri Shun’s left, by the way. What’s up with the unshaven look though? It feels […]

(Japanese online gossip source: Entame) Actually this was reported in Mainichi also but the Japanese used at Entame is way easier to comprehend for a noob like me. Late into the night last night, Shun-kun appeared on his regular radio program and unapologetically admitted that “[She is] a very important girlfriend.” とても大切なガールフレンドです!(sounds a bit weird […]

(Japanese online gossip source: Widegeinou/ Japanese online news source: Mainichi) First read it at Widegeinou, and then later at Mainichi so that should lend more credibility to the news. I already foresee millions of hearts breaking as I type. *flower beside laptop wilts* Anyway the news was revealed by SpoNichi (NichiSports) yesterday, 6th May 2008. […]

(Japanese online gossip source: Widegeinou) In the middle of April, NTV’s Wideshow(ワイドショー) featured a CM-ranking segment in which they claimed that It-boy Oguri Shun was number 1 in terms of number of CM appearances. However, everybody’s favourite talent-company Johnny’s Jimusho got really miffed + ticked off, lodging a complaint against NTV and demanding an apology from them. […]

(Japanese online gossip source: Idolgravure) Well this is not the first time that Oguri Shun’s rumoured to be taking a break. Idolgravure had also reported in January 2008 that he was going to take a break,but it was apparently rather unjustified (so I don’t know how reliable this source is this time around!) Okay the […]