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  Even though Shika Otoko Awo Niyoshi (read the blurb, in a one-word summary: Deer!) has been scoring unspectacular ratings (averaging 9.9%), it won 3 prizes in the recent 11th Nikkan Sports Television Award ceremony! (these last 3 words are my translations) Tamaki Hiroshi even beat Oguri Shun (oh no! why?! I didn’t even like nodame cantabile bleah) […]

Don’t you think Tokiwa Takako and Cecilia Cheung look a bit alike? Haha, the thought just suddenly struck me. Anyway, was surfing around and found out Tokiwa Takako’s new SHOW (i’m very confused as to whether it is a dorama or not, but supposedly it airs today on FujiTV) is sort of like Patch Adams! “You who make me […]

Well apparently Hollywood’s experiencing a dearth of good scripts and/or they can’t get enough of superior Asian fare *Asian Pride!* HAHA So yes, in the Hollywood remake of Sympathy of Lady Vengeance, Charlize Theron will play Lee Young Ae’s character, Geum-Ja. (Chinese source: here)

Hong Kong paparazzi are so…… okay I shan’t try to moralize a situation in which I myself am complicit. (oops) But anyway, this photo is from Apple Daily (go here), apparently stalking outside her house, and they describe Cecilia Cheung as being in a foul mood, scolding her maids, and looking tired and her face […]

Okay this photo is totally not from the relevant press conference (just wanted a sad looking picture of her, haha) BUT Charlene Choi (AhSa) didst say that she, Gillian Chung and their company are currently looking at “comfortable ways” through which to progress, out of this all-consuming sex-scandal vortex (ditch) they’re currently in.