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*this entry is specially dedicated to drmak or makthemutant as she sometimes calls herself, because she knows nothing about the korean or japanese entertainment circles but everything about the hongkong + taiwanese one. HAHA. * (PS. you don’t happen to be related to Juno Mak do you?? HAHA thought you mentioned some hongkong relatives some time ago) (1) […]

(Chinese online news source: Xinhuanet) Simple photo update, as well as some commentary that actually took place in the comments section of the earlier post. First up though, I must admit I’m no fashion guru but Isabella Leong’s blue pants (jeans?) are so bright! Maybe it’s the camera flash, but still, ew. And Jean Todt […]

(Chinese online news sources: here and here) Okay when I read this in the papers in this morning I was thinking, “no wonder mak calls EEG a triad.” Haha! But then again I wonder what the contract Johnny Juniors are made to sign as kids are like… hmmm. In any case EEG has officially filed […]