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(Japanese online gossip source: Entame) CHANGE starts airing tomorrow, Monday, 12th May 2008. *rubs hands* Can’t wait~!! Anyway, Entame reports that in a bid to REIGN the viewer-ratings chart, a free car will be given away at the end of the first episode to a lucky viewer. Okay I’m not sure if it’s EVERY episode […]

(Japanese online gossip source: Widegeinou) In the middle of April, NTV’s Wideshow(ワイドショー) featured a CM-ranking segment in which they claimed that It-boy Oguri Shun was number 1 in terms of number of CM appearances. However, everybody’s favourite talent-company Johnny’s Jimusho got really miffed + ticked off, lodging a complaint against NTV and demanding an apology from them. […]

(Japanese online news source: Sanspo)         Leah Dizon attended the launch of Softbank’s JAPAN TEXTURE’s new limited edition range today. What distinguishes the phone from others is the distinctive Japanese designs which are categorized under two headings, “Yuzen” or “Paint”. Yuzen is some form of fabric-dyeing method. If you’re more interested in the phone […]

1. Suzanne, mom and sis star in Zenrin-Datacom CM     (Japanese online news source: Mainichi) Suzanne and her mom + sis were at Sony Building yesterday (14th April 2008) for the official press reception of their upcoming CM for Zenrin-Datacom. When they came out the MC hosting the event reportedly exclaimed, “You all resemble each […]

What’s up with his hair?!?! I don’t like it!! But then he’s probably waiting for his hair to grow out of its Crows Zero mould HAHA. Anyway here goes a really quick translation of the video: