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Since my sister is playing the piano and I can’t study with all the music, I shall post about Sawajiri Erika! Just read in today’s mypaper that she is apparently getting married! WELL, they reported a while back that she wanted to get married, and a bit before was the “Betsu-ni” riot — at some […]

  okay, i don’t think they look that much alike (in these two photos they DO look a bit alike though) but they remind me of each other! Leah Dizon (left photo) is Chinese-Filippino-French (and don’t know what else) , was born in Las Vegas and is now big in Japan. Jamilya is an Uzbek […]

received (some of) these pics in an email, forwarded to me by my arabic classmate(her kampong name is Yot!) im currently in school but apparently BORED and BOLIAO enough to be updating this HAHA This is the Grandson of King Faisal! Cute?? ^_^