I am a 20-year-old girl from Singapore (i don’t know if i will change my age every year, better keep it like that hur hur) and that’s a picture of my bag with the current President of Syria, because I’m paiseh to show my face and because Syria’s the coolest place I’ve ever been to. I keep this blog for my own amusement. And hopefully yours too. HAHAHA

I can be reached at: myfirstgossipblog@gmail.com . I will probably check this once a month. HAHA.

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  1. šŸ™‚

  2. 2 Lisa

    HIIIII!!!!!!!!! :D:D::D:D:D:D::D:D:D:D:D lol you are so funny ok!!!!! >:D anyway haha ok i’ll be your number one groupie or something.

  3. 3 zinaa

    hi… i love your blog sooo much…. i want 2 know more about what happen in the Japanese entrainment world…. keep on the good work šŸ™‚ šŸ˜‰

  4. HeYY I didn’t know you went to syria when did u go??? how cool is that!! I wanna go to some cool place tooo but I’m like stuck here!!!! GRRRRR šŸ˜”

  5. 5 rina

    THANK YOU!! Juicy info at my finger tips. I like your writing style, very light and funny.

  6. 6 fatfish

    post a real pic pls!
    i don’t liek the scowling man

  7. Hi webmaster!

  8. Hi webmaster!

  9. Hello!
    this is robert akihiko tominaga.
    the emperor in the movie stargate sg1.
    the movie portrays me as many charcters.
    but in reality I`m sungod or amaterasu.
    I`m sungod,ļ½‡ļ½ļ½„怀ļ½ļ½†ć€€ļ½’ļ½ļ½‰ļ½Žļ½‚ļ½ļ½—ļ¼Œļ½‡ļ½ļ½„怀ļ½ļ½†ć€€ļ½“ļ½”ļ½ļ½’ļ½ļ¼Ž



  10. 11 robert akihiko tominaga

    robert`s e-mail: robert.tominaga@hotmail.com

  11. 12 robert tominaga

    sungod is a round circle around the sun lasting for a week.
    stellar or egyptian ra is the best description.
    there is no picture or photo of amaterasu.
    in japanse this is difficult to explain.
    but rainbows lasted for 12 years.

    claiming this is difficult also.
    but it happened right in front of my eyes.
    I did this by playing tennis for 25 years and goning to
    bikini club.
    the climate in sanfrancisco is very sensitive to human

    robert tominaga

  12. 13 LeiTe+kikibu=LupH

    HeLLo ..
    Master , thankz for the gossip ..

  13. 14 robert akihiko tominaga

    after playing tennis for 30 years I went to a bikini
    club for fun. it kept on raining and raining after i went. the dancers were pretty.then a round circle
    around the sun appeared. people claiming they were
    royalty appeared (they were from jordan).
    the circle around the sun appeared and many military
    planes flew. the circle was water/blue in color.
    many rainbows appeared , the rainbows lasted
    for over 10 years. some of you might seem shocked
    that a dancer and customer coming together could make
    this happen.

    the result of this action created a uproar.
    the result was also many architechtectural revolutions
    around the world.
    I claim the heightened gas prices and the sales
    of expensive sports cars like Ferrai exploded.

  14. 15 robert akihiko tominaga

    just like the movie sea of love(with al pachino)
    there might of been a tidal wave.being responsible
    for a tidal wave or tsunami is enormous.maybe not
    tidal wave but a heightened alert for surfable
    waves is probably right. in kuwata keisuke song
    tsunami this is exagerated. the heightened waves
    happened in half moon bay , california.
    there is a painting in the edo period of
    “tomigoku3-10-6fuu-kei” I might be the key to this painting.many waves happened.

  15. 16 robert akihiko tominaga

    These are the things I acheived:
    1. HELLO kitty ufo
    2. unification church
    3. heavens gate cult
    4. stellar or stealth hotel
    5. toyota motor corporation connection
    6. great american lines shipping company
    -sunbelt dixie
    7. spirited away animation connection
    8. yamato connection

  16. 17 robert akihiko tominaga

    IF you are looking for inexpensive products or pictures,
    please look up sanrio/hellokitty/ufo.

  17. 18 robert akihiko tominaga

    thingsI acheived:
    1.lady dianne
    2.cirque du soleil
    3.president robert mugabe
    4.emperor showa and the showa age.

  18. 19 robert akihiko tominaga

    This all happened in san mateo county,hillsborough
    california,20minutes south of san francisco.

  19. 20 robert akihiko tominaga

    if you want pictures look up sanrio/hello/kitty/ufo.

  20. 21 robert akihiko tominaga

    inotherwords I`m alien.
    alien has rights
    alien is god
    alien is human blood
    alien is government
    alien is hollywood
    alien is big
    alien is likes girls
    alien is famous
    alien is handsome
    alien is lovable
    alien is me

  21. 22 robert akhiko tominaga

    robert`s e-mail change robert.tominaga@hotmail.co.jp

  22. 23 Hank

    I was swindled on craigslist by some lowlife using a wireless line. Asswipe was shocked when I got his name and address and paid a visit lol!

    Reverse Number Lookup

  23. 24 akihiko tominaga

    do you think storm lightning in san diego is about gods wind transformed.
    heavens gate cult commited suicide

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