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the recently released PV for kuu and fergie’s collab! The song is called That ain’t cool and will be released on June 11th 2008. I think its pretty good, although it is rather strange how Fergie sings more although it features her. But i think its a really cool collab :> Am lovin Kuu’s look […]

1. Suzanne, mom and sis star in Zenrin-Datacom CM     (Japanese online news source: Mainichi) Suzanne and her mom + sis were at Sony Building yesterday (14th April 2008) for the official press reception of their upcoming CM for Zenrin-Datacom. When they came out the MC hosting the event reportedly exclaimed, “You all resemble each […]

Haha the above two pics are NOT related (left, Koda Kumi, right, Wada Akiko on another variety show when she accidentally let on that she used to be an underaged drinker. ) Okay this was a really short news article: essentially Wada Akiko mentioned on her show “Akko ni Omakase!” (leave it to Akko! — her […]