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Just thought this was very interesting¬†(haha and cos I’m a Big Bang fan!) Click here! Source: forum@soompi Credit For ShenYuePop: ShenYue! Also, as you’ve already seen, I’m creating another new series called Titbit Referral for news already posted elsewhere! And I’ll feel bad/lazy just re-copying BUT I really want to “bookmark” this so treating […]

I’m so slow! This was uncovered like last year but anyway I was still shocked at the photos I found online! O_O After getting all upset and depressed that G-Dragon had a girlfriend (okay it’s totally obvious/understandable that he WOULD have a girlfriend just that actually SEEING him with his supposed ex-gf utterly depressed me. […]

¬† Okay im in a bad mood now =(. Anyway the news has been out for more than two weeks, about how Seung Ri supposedly attended a trans-gender strip show at a bar owned by GD’s (Ex?)girlfriend.