Lucky fangirl wins lottery and gets to hug Tamaki Hiroshi (plus a little scoop on him with rumoured beau, Shimatani Hitomi)



HAHAHA! Tamaki Hiroshi held a meet-the-fans-and-shake-their-hands session at Kawasaki City earlier today (as well as on the 19th March 2008) and the event venue was apparently swamped with people, around the stage, at the upper floors etc etc. Estimated turn-out was about 6000, for both sessions.

The event was meant to promote his new album “Bridge” and new single, “I want to hug you” (Dakishimetai 抱きしめたい). In the same spirit, they decided to let one lucky fan hug Tamaki Hiroshi. There were reportedly jealous moans and groans from everybody else when the above (look at picture) happened.

At the end, the reporters also asked him if he thought of anybody while singing the song. Tamaki Hiroshi said something like, “there was somebody private, but he couldn’t say who.” Then the reporters asked, “Are you happy? (Shiawase desuka?)” To which Tamaki Hiroshi responded, “Hai, maa maa.” –> which means, yes, sorta.


Well, the newspaper/reporters then took it to mean that all was well with his rumoured beau, Shimatani Hitomi!

(source: here)

here is a 15-second CM for Tamaki Hiroshi’s new album.

4 Responses to “Lucky fangirl wins lottery and gets to hug Tamaki Hiroshi (plus a little scoop on him with rumoured beau, Shimatani Hitomi)”

  1. 1 bunta

    are you from the UK or Australia? Do people there use the word beau to describe a female. I am from the US and it is used only to describe males here. Just wondering.

    Have a good day.

  2. from singapore! and i guess it would make sense if its only used to describe males… beau belle but wtv!!! you get what i mean!! ^_^

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