Gillian Chung to break into Hollywood, with movie about Edison Chen sex scandal??



Despite all that has happened, I still like Gillian Chung! If you think about it, High School Musical’s Vanessa Hudgens’ nude photo scandal is SORTA like what happened in Hong Kong (admittedly, it wasn’t THAT bad but you get my point) but I bet Hong Kongers (if they did before) continued to watch High School Musical!!! Why the double standards for their own actresses?

Anyway regarding Gillian Chung’s Hollywood break, I’m not sure if it’s just a rumour but the chinese source is here. Elliott J. Brown, a Hollywood producer (and former actor) has supposedly approached Gillian Chung with a script. Check out his imdb profile here. (I’ve never heard of him or watched any of his movies.)

After news/rumours of this transaction broke, the online community was being cruel to her, as usual. Nicholas Tse also made a statement the other day about Hong Kongers being cruel to their own stars, and commented that with the upcoming Beijing Olympics, the chinese community should be more supportive instead of persistently slamming their own celebrities. OHwell. I still think she’s very pretty. ^_^


13 Responses to “Gillian Chung to break into Hollywood, with movie about Edison Chen sex scandal??”

  1. 1 Lisa


    lol. but to do a movie on your own scandal? i think thats pretty gross eeewwwwww h8 h8 h8 hahhahaahah

  2. I think to make a movie about this whole scandal would be a bit weird…
    but i totally agree with what Nicholas Tse said as well as your reference to the Vanessa Hudgens incident. Though when I heard about this scandal I constantly related back to Paris Hiltons sex tape and that was died down like after a couple of wks? *shrugs*

    I’ll admit, I stopped fangirling Twins a few years ago but I still support them and won’t criticise/judge ah Gil for what she did in the past.
    HK people should stop picking on the poor girl T_T

  3. 3 sabbisabz

    i really dislike what people say about Gillian Chung. Even though i don’t research or update news and anything about her anymore, i still support her. People can’t just say these hurtful things about her like that, i mean, what Gillian done was absolutely wrong and unappropriate. But, all these photoes were taken back a while already. We all know (not only fans) that Gillian and Edison once dated, and what century is it now? Doing these things are so common these days, high school students in other countries may have done it already. What is there to judge about people like that? and so, i still have to say it, i really dislike what Lisa said earlier about hating Gillian Chung because she just totally adores Edison.
    Edison isn’t the right one here girl!!! He was the one who started having these photoes leaking out. If it wasn’t for him, all the other victims here wouldn’t be having all these scandals or rude feedbacks from people. I am not saying that it is all Edisons fault, Gillian shouldn’t have let him take the photoes anyways.
    I really feel sorry for Gillian and we all know that her career might break. Now is the time to support the victims here and not ruin Hong Kong’s reputation when this year’s olimpics is held in China. Just want to let Gillian know that there are still fans out there that are still by your side no matter what!!!!
    About the movie in Hollywood, i really can’t beleive that the producer wants Gillian to take part as a cast in a movie because her situation was like Paris Hiltons. He is really weird and i think that would make Gillian’s reputation go even worse.

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  5. 5 Hardcore

    I don’t know why she was getting so upset for during her first interview about the sexy photos – if her movie & singing career fail – I can assure you she’ll do stellar in a new and upcoming Porn Career!! LMAO

    • 6 Kim

      ”If it were you, would you want to talk about it, how funny.”
      Do’t mike the same mistake two is all the say, whats hollywood these days!”

  6. ohhh
    are u ex gf of wu chun
    ur soocute and beautiful
    ur soo lucky wuth coz he is soohandsome
    but why u broke him…

    sooo sad

  7. 8 amat

    i like gillian chung facial expression when serviced by edison

  8. 9 alken

    If she will be my girl ….i will always kiss her lips…dude she so cutey..

  9. 10 dotty9

    so what…..people make mistakes. when my friend told me about the news….i admit that i was shocked. i couldn’t believe it either just like any of you guys. my whole view towards them just totally changed….but at least they apologize. what do you guys want to do with them?..burn them at stakes so the world will be normal again. pppssshhh yeah right. don’t go around hating on people because they set a bad role models. everyone have their own faults. just turn to look at yourself….you’re not perfect either.

  10. 11 jack

    This girl is so gorgeous but what a pity… her whole body already sucked by somebody! whats more point about her, g-spot loose and destroyed! to kiss her is something like no more feel, as she is more prefer and like of sucking men’s weapon!

  11. 12 al

    to all the people making rude or sickening comments… youre all fu@@en idiots.. And Edison you are an azzhole to treat someone so bad as you did you let the pictures out for publicity no more no less, you didnt care that it would destroy a persons life… you are selfish, cruel, heartless, worthless piece of shit… people need to stop looking down on her for what this pervert did stop being hypocrites and bashing her when you all do the same stuff… dont deny it you know you do… Gillian, dont pay any attention to stupid comments people make… the comment shows the intelligence of the person making it… “stupid people say stupid things”

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