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(English online sources: Tokyograph, MTV/ Photo from Gackt and Dears) *Demi Moore is in brackets because her participation is not yet confirmed.* Oh my goodness Gackt looks so small standing beside Josh Hartnett! But he looked so big to me on Hey!Hey!Hey! Big as in tall, slim, lithe, but still, towering over the Downtown duo (though come to […]

I thought I’d pop on down to Cathay and snap some photos and do some of that “grassroots” reporting I always used to read about, and here are 4 unprofessional photos of the Dance of the Dragon premiere at Cathay!! HAHA. For those of you who don’t know yet, it stars Singapore’s Fann Wong, Korea’s […]

1. Cecilia Cheung carries baby to visit Nic Tse in Thailand – Chinese news source, here. (pic left) Nicholas Tse is in Thailand to shoot “Feng Yun 2” (Wind Cloud 2, not sure what the English title is haha) and had not been expecting this surprise visit. One wonders if Nic Tse himself hadn’t been […]

(Chinese online news source: here) And I was just rambling on yesterday that “nobody” ever comes to Singapore haha. Today’s Life! newspaper (from the Straits Times) reported that Edison Chen is in talks to star in a film alongside Shu Qi that will be shot in Singapore and Chicago. As I was unable to link to […]

Despite all that has happened, I still like Gillian Chung! If you think about it, High School Musical’s Vanessa Hudgens’ nude photo scandal is SORTA like what happened in Hong Kong (admittedly, it wasn’t THAT bad but you get my point) but I bet Hong Kongers (if they did before) continued to watch High School Musical!!! […]

Well apparently Hollywood’s experiencing a dearth of good scripts and/or they can’t get enough of superior Asian fare *Asian Pride!* HAHA So yes, in the Hollywood remake of Sympathy of Lady Vengeance, Charlize Theron will play Lee Young Ae’s character, Geum-Ja. (Chinese source: here)