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It’s at number 14, above NEWS! I was SHOCKED to find out Taiwanese boyband Fahrenheit was entering the Japanese market, but apparently it was announced in November last year. The MV for this song is below, as well as a funny (like weird, funny) comment I found at the youtube site.

Qualification: But NOT the Otsuka Ai noww… or with make-up. I think Selina only sorta resembles the Otsuka Ai sometime before her eyes got so big. Haha. More resemblance with the 2 bottom photos (the black and white one and the one where Ai is looking upwards somewhere.) You think?

What do you think? I think their eyes sort of. Haha. Am very happy that i have only one more exam left!!!!!! ^_^ ^_^ YAY!

Okay I’m at my friend’s friend’s house blogging on his mac and for some reason I can’t resize the photos so I will do so at my house later. Does this unknown guy, whose photo is taken by a hidden camera by my perverse friend (haha) resemble Wu Zun?? \(o^_^o)/

I just found a website (forum thread) which lists all the Chinese covers of original Japanese/Korean songs!! Since i’m onto the whole cover thing lately, really surprised to find SO MANY songs have been covered. First we have the original version of Emil Chau’s Hua Xin (Flowery Heart), which was originally written by Okinawan Kina Shoukichi, and […]

(Japanese online news source: Sanspo) Even though I’m quoting Sanspo, I’m actually going to be regurgitating out what I read from Singapore’s chinese tabloids a few days ago. Was surprised to read that Hong Kong’s Stephen Chow actually collaborated with Shibasaki Kou on this movie (though not too surprised to find out that it was […]

This will be a super abbrieviated post. 1. Takeda Tetsuya – Kame saga rolls on (Japanese source: Entame) According to YTV’s variety show Narutomo, Takeda Tetsuya (omg I thought I’d never be reporting on him again: read the previous entries on him here) has sent Kame a LETTER of APOLOGY for exposing his private troubles to the media. […]

So let’s all listen to it! I’m blogging this in between rushing my essay and watching chinese MTV J/Kpop hour. L’arc en ciel is performing in Taiwan on 26th April 2008.


  (Chinese source: here) This is belated! Her birthday was March 19th, but the newspaper article dates 26th March 2008. So I luckily I’m not THAT late. Not a particularly BIG Vivian Hsu fan, just thought of baidu-ing her because of her Sugizo-connection, and cos Sugizo is playing hide’s guitar part at the memorial concert. That’s the […]