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After watching Shinee’s nyeh-nyeh average poppy MV, and before that Fahrenheit’s boring PV with bad Japanese pronunciation, and yday’s KAT-TUN’s new MV with the JaeJoong Doppelganger in it– and actually even Tae Yang’s other MV (Prayer Ft Teddy) was quite standard fare also– Look Only At Me was wonderful! It was humourous for one, when […]

Just a VERY VERY slight resemblance, and ONLY when they’re smiling. (Boy am I on a Doppelganger fever) I didn’t even know who Yoshihiko Inohara was until I saw the site that punkey left in the comments.

Just thought this was very interesting (haha and cos I’m a Big Bang fan!) Click here! Source: forum@soompi Credit For ShenYuePop: ShenYue! Also, as you’ve already seen, I’m creating another new series called Titbit Referral for news already posted elsewhere! And I’ll feel bad/lazy just re-copying BUT I really want to “bookmark” this so treating […]

  Okay im in a bad mood now =(. Anyway the news has been out for more than two weeks, about how Seung Ri supposedly attended a trans-gender strip show at a bar owned by GD’s (Ex?)girlfriend.