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This must be quick, if not I will fail my 3 exams next week. šŸ˜” Thus I will import wholesale from Tokyograph. 1. ARASHI to host 24-Hour TV Love will save the world!!! (Japanese online gossip source: Entame) Entame has a longer article on it, unfortunately I’m going to cop-out and copy and paste the […]

(Japanese online gossip source: IdolGravureĀ / Picture: FujiTV) Although second episodes for most Japanese Doramas normally see a dip in their ratings, Saki Aibu’s, Hayami Mokomichi’s and Mizushima Hiro’s (Nanba senpai from Hana Kimi)Ā Zettai Kareshi’s ratings went from 13.1% in the first episode to 14.3%! Now, I only took note of this news cos of you, […]