Mika Nakashima and Masatoshi Nagase split


OK i guess this can be considered old news but i was pretty shocked when i saw it!! For one, I didn’t know that she even had a boyfriend (didn’t strike me as the kind) and yada yada and I’m a big fan of her music (i cant believe i can still say that *slaps self*)

(source: Tokyograph)

Singer Mika Nakashima, 25, and actor Masatoshi Nagase, 41, have broken off their relationship, despite rumors last year that they were soon headed for marriage. Like many other celebrity couples, it seems that their busy careers have caused them to drift apart.

The two met when they played siblings in the drama series “Shiritsu Tantei Hama Mike” in 2002. At the time, Nagase was married to actress Kyoko Koizumi, but he divorced in 2004. Shortly after that, he and Nakashima started dating.

Rumors surfaced in early 2007 that marriage was near, fueled by speculation from members of Nakashima’s family. However, it appears that they gradually began seeing each other less frequently, and they finally broke up earlier this spring.

This piece of news was published on May 10th 2008, so I guess its like one month old. I went to dig deeper after that and found more info. After the cut!

The article from February last year :

It was recently discovered that Mika Nakashima (24) is in a serious relationship with actor Masatoshi Nagase (40). The two first met when they both appeared in the 2002 drama series “Shiritsu Tantei Hama Mike,” and they got together immediately after the divorce of Nagase and Kyoko Koizumi in 2004.

Some members of Nakashima’s family believe that marriage may be near. Nakashima’s agency confirmed the relationship, but denied that there have been talks of marriage.

I’m sorry i couldnt find a better picture of Nagase. There are like none. 0_0

Anyway I think its quite sad that they broke up, I didn’t know that she was in a relationship to start with. But I’m starting to feel like the Japanese celebrity couples are getting queerer and weirder… the age gap is also starting to widen.

More old news on Koizumi Kyoko(whom I dont really like, for various reasons like kame) which I read from uwasako.

Earlier in the later part of May, Koizumi went to a bar to drink and got drunk. So guess who showed up to pick her up? None other than Ninomiya Kazunari. (granny will froth at the teeth)
They say Nino and Koizumi had become friends while working together in a play (Shibuya Kara Tooku Hanarete) and that he mentioned in his j-web she has invited him out for drinks on several occasions. So I guess now we’re supposed to think they’re dating.
Reduce, reuse, recycle.

LOL. I ❤ Uwasako hahaha. Of course, this is purely gossip, and isn’t hard fact.

Anyway, back to Mika Nakashima. She’s a really good artiste, so if you haven’t heard of her before, i suggest you give this a listen. It’s one of my favourite songs of hers.

Mika Nakashima was also the first Japanese person to grace the cover of Rolling Stone Japan. She is also the one who acted as Nana Osaki in Nana the movie, and her performance was pretty good. Well done. *beams*

5 Responses to “Mika Nakashima and Masatoshi Nagase split”

  1. 1 sphinxie3

    hahaha…i read that kyonkyon+nino gossip on uwasako as well…and i really love the last sentence there,
    Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
    (kinda catchy) LOL

  2. Whoa? broke up? heh im so late to know this.
    I know actor masatoshi Nagase before Mika, i’m just stupid enough for realizing tht it’s the same nagase who dated Mika.

    I have nothing to say about their age difference because i have similar case with her (almost)

    Mika and Nagase have several pics together, but i forgot from what magz (sorry)

  3. 3 Eva

    The entertainment circle keeps on going around and around!
    Poor Mika, she is one of the female singers I really like!
    now…. if Kame starts dating Mika (which will not be true anyway) It will be a full recycle system… Sounds like Korean sappy love triangles/rectangles/pentagons/hexagons somehow, may not only be fiction….you can see this in Japanese entertainment circle.

  4. 4 hic

    heee, I also didn’t know Mika and Nagase weren’t together anymore!!
    You can find a lot of his pics if you google his Japanese name!

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