DBSK and KAT-TUN wearing same clothes?


OMG just read this off the net. (I’m about one month late, this was posted in February) Will paste the link below! I think it’s so stressful to be a wardrobe manager!! (but what a cool job though) provided… you don’t get stuff like below!!!


Kame and Hero!


Akanishi and ChoiKang Chang Min!



Kame and Micky!



Akanishi Jin and Yunho!!

my source:


*edit 240308: It turns out that I’ve been giving credit to the wrong person after all! Big thanks to bakarero@lj from the dbsg community. Am a bit in a rush now so will verify+update blahblahblah later. Cheers! ^_^

*edit 280308: THANKS BAKARERO! Have verified that I’m not crediting the WRONG person again! ^_^ *pom poms* kamsahamnida!=)

45 Responses to “DBSK and KAT-TUN wearing same clothes?”

  1. 1 natalie

    i think dbsk pulled those outfit better 🙂

  2. HAHA you’re probably not the only one!!!

  3. 3 lee ya na

    aiyoooOO!!! what to do now!! hahaha….jj looks hotter…ehek ehek…

  4. 4 chae eun

    hahaha…!! i think jj and kame aren’t wearing the same clothes….jj’s top looks more see through while kame’s looks like a hoodie…. ne? don’t you guys think so?? ^_^ haha.. or maybe i’m just trying to defend jae.. ^_^hahaha…

  5. 5 syasz

    when i saw chae eun’s comment, i took a more careful look at the top pictures, and only THEN i saw that it is a LITTLE bit different, the design of the clothes..
    but u have to admit, the pattern is exactly…..
    haha! being a wardrobe manager really is stressful huh? maybe these attires are sponsored by the same company! =D

  6. 6 KMD

    DBSK got it…

    Same clothes but different feel…

    I like the clothes when it is worn by DBSK.

  7. haha i think DBSK + KAT-TUN both look fine actually but it’s just interesting! (seems like there are more DBSK fans here!)

  8. 8 original translator

    Please credit the right place. That post in the blog is originally from dbsg community@lj (bakarero). From the top to bottom, that was copied and pasted from the post in the community. The community is opened to only-members, so there is no public link.

    I was the one who translated, found evidence/pictures, and the video. Nice if you gave credit to me instead?

    Thank you 😀

  9. Oh okay, I did not notice any extra link from that website where I found it from! But if you give me more details ill definitely link you, or do you want me to just put bakarero@lj for now? Thanks for translating that piece of news anyway, it was interesting. ^_^

  10. 10 original translator

    No no it’s okay!
    It’ll be fine to just credit bakarero@lj (you don’t need to link to my journal XD)

    Thanks for understanding ^__^
    The person from the blog didn’t leave credits and he/she hotlinked my images too ;__;

    Your welcome, I had fun finding the evidence too since I’m a fan of both groups haha.

  11. haha okay! yes i like snooping around the net finding out stuffs too..thanks for translating the thing! Actually I found a photo of Edison Chen wearing the same shirt also HAHA shall prob post it too

  12. 12 original translator

    Ah, I just saw the post with Edison Chen wearing the same shirt as Jaejoong XD;
    Very funny and cool at the same time.

    Oh, if you still want evidence for my translations.

    I posted the translation in two different communities, having over 100 comments on each. So I hope that proves it? ^__^
    Please tell me if you saw the pictures so I can delete it in my album.

    PS. You don’t need to link to my website ; you can just put credit to “bakarero@lj” (that’s it) haha 🙂

  13. Hey thanks!!!! sorry for my belated removal of the link, been busy at school! BLEAH! But yepp, thanks and sorry for crediting the wrong person in the first place! Hope to see more of your translations around! ^_^ 😀 😀 😀

  14. Jin looks hot in anything :3
    thanks for posting this ^^

  15. 15 lovejin

    totally agree. jin looks hot in anything. lol.

  16. 16 mikosama

    WOWWW~ O_O do they have the same wardrobe or what~

    For me,

    first pic: Kame wins, although their clothes aren’t really the same, just the pattern..

    2nd pic: Jin!!

    3rd pic: Micky!! *when kame wears it, i dont know if i should laugh or cry.. it looks horrible.. but when micky wears it, it doesn’t look that bad at all~*

    4th pic: ….. errrrr…. can’t choose..


  17. 17 Rai

    I found this page called KpopVideo.com, they have a big collection of DBSK pictures and videos. Check it out yourself here http://kpopvideo.com/sarang/stars-DBSK_TVXQ

  18. 18 Adelaida

    lmao! kat-tun is so much better than them

  19. 19 magi

    my loves, Jin and Min :-j same clothes
    OMG >:::<

  20. 20 jess.

    KAT-TUN wore the clothes first. so there!!

  21. 21 Izy

    I’ve already read this article before but found myself reading it over again. So might as well leave a comment.

    I really think the toho boys did the best job pulling off those clothes. But I don’t mean any offense. Kat-tun’s also good. I just like the toho style better. 🙂

    I really like your blog btw. 🙂

  22. thanks very much!! haha so please support the new blog at: myfirstgossipblog.blogspot.com!!! ARIGATOU GOZAIMASU!! ^_^

  23. 23 janzy

    1st photo kame definitely looks better
    2nd pic- can’ really tell
    3rd- the other guy looks better
    4th -hard to tell too since jin looks good in any clothing

    but this was so funny. I wonder how this happened

  24. 24 kirei_na_sora

    ehhh…in the first pic i prefer it on the kat-tun guy, only coz i don’t like jaejoong in those see-through girl looking clothes…but i love his hair in this pic!!!!
    the second, it looks cute on both, but i prefer it on changmin…and i love his hair too here!!!
    on the third one, it looks best on micky for sure…and once again i love his hair too here!!!!
    the last one…it looks best on both, yet i prefer it on yunho of course.

  25. 25 jiong

    i bet they’re secretly best friends and they’re not telling any one

  26. 26 ninarr

    wow. freaky. thanks for that~

  27. 27 bystander

    the reason why it looks better on DBSK is cause they have more meat on their flesh! lol but both akame and jin are equally handsome as DBSK!

  28. 28 Timex

    Jin is so freaking handsome

  29. 29 lavender

    Jaejoong lool 1oooooox hotter than kame.
    DBSK pawn all
    they are so handsome

  30. 30 mickysaranghae

    look at DBSK they look like all there outfits were inspired from akanishi jin!
    or i mean the JE boys!

    i can’t compare both groups,,
    but when it comes to fashion and the idea of who pulled the look better then i’ll be on kat-tun’s side…

  31. 31 kat-tunjelove

    both of them looks great akanishi jin and jaejoong looks really fine i want the clothes!

  32. those clothes suit dbsk more! and they look hotter than to kat-tun. Micky Yoochun looks cool and hot wearing that white cloth with black vest (or scarf???) than to kazuya. Hahaha, the funny thing is they have the same taste of fashion! NO OFFENCE TO KAT-TUN FANS! i’m a DBSK die hard fan! DBSK HWATING!!! :]

  33. 33 SweetS2


    How come?????


  34. 34 maple

    Does anyone know where to get that clothing or what brand they are?

  35. 35 Nats

    Do you knoo which one was deffused on TV first? so like that, we know.. who sorta copied the other XD

  36. 36 seungri princess

    well..dbsk always stand out..

  37. OMG!!! akanishi jin is so hot!! i prefer kattun!

  38. 38 ^^

    this makes me sooo happy (^^)
    KAT-TUN fight-o ! ! !
    DBSK fighting ! ! !

  39. 39 kere

    OMG!!!! Are these photoshop?!

  40. 40 satie

    Ok… Junsu dolphin is original!! shausiashuahshashuhs

  41. 41 Kgome

    Dbsk great

  42. 42 Silver

    I know people have said this already, but Akanishi Jin looks effing sexy in anything, even hideous costumes that they put him in. I dunno but he…doesn’t even try. He just…sits there. And he’s still emitting hotness like no tomorrow. Lol (which is quite something considering he’s rather effeminate and on the skinny side…)

    But in these photos:
    1) Jaejoong wins. Sorry, Kame’s too skinny. 😦 Though I like how he rolled the sleeves up.
    2) Changmin is adorable but Jin is…well, Jin (refer to above).
    3) Micky>Kame – more meat.
    4) Jin. Somehow that just doesn’t seem like Yunho’s style…

    I like both bands though. DBSK a little more actually.

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  1. 1 Edison Chen in a similar top… as Kame + JaeJoong « My First Gossip Blog
  2. 2 proxy solicitation rules less than 10

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