Totally Irrelevant #1: The Cat


Okay this is the first of the Totally Irrelevant series, totally irrelevant because it has NOTHING to do with the entertainment industry but just something to do with me.

So I had just done some laundry and was going to come and watch a new Gackt video uploaded 2 days ago, where he gave some surprise visit to some school, when my sisters kept complaining of some weird smell in the house.

A few days ago some cat jumped into our house and pee-ed in some corners but my mom chased it out and closed the window from where it jumped in (we live on the first-floor of a 17-storey apartment). My sisters said however that Mr. Java, an indoor tree-plant (I named it after Coffee Prince, after that nice song I love coffee I love tea I love the java man and it loves me) my best friend bought for my birthday last year, was rotting and was emanating that weird smell.

WELL.. it turned out that actually I had left a jacket on the sofa NEAR Mr.Java… and the STUPID CAT PEE-ED on it. so my sister dumped it in the toilet. and I went to wash it. I put it in a bucket and added water and soap and started stepping on it to squeeze the urine out right? Then I took the jacket out to rinse the water away.

THEN I realised, not only had the cat PEE-ED on my jacket.. it freaking SHAT on my jacket. like SHIT/FAECES/DIARRHOEA OMFG@#$@#$#@$@#….. so that was what I was doing the whole night. CLEARING shit, screaming, apologising to my father for waking him up, cursing at the stupid cat, washing my feet.. my hands……… *hangs head*

so that’s why I cannot blog anymore about Gackt or Kame tonight. I’m too pissed off, I’ve lost the mood, I’m too tired. ARRRGGHHHH 

4 Responses to “Totally Irrelevant #1: The Cat”

  1. 1 Yuu

    oh believe me, I understand totally how you feel. I was in the same situation like two days back, after long hours in front of the computer struggling to finish some work and at 4 o’clock in the morning when I finally can go to sleep, switched the lights off, and there you go – the preett pet peett sound – my cat had a diarrhea exactly on the foot of my blanket. well I sleep on futon, no bed, so it was on the floor. but it was a really bad timing.. ah cats.. love them, but sometimes I feel like beating them up. -_-“

  2. 2 Lisa

    HAHAAAH i love kitties. i own a kitty. its actually my friends, but its mine. like, my friend rears it, but its mine. haha!!!!! i called it SAKUYAAAAAAAAA hahahahahhaa and you are online right!!!!!!!

  3. 3 blee

    you can toilet train your cat!!!
    sorry about the stray cat though..

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